Announcing the New Online Fundraising Project at Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids

Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids seeks to turn electronic waste into electronic gold and donate the products to charity or to children in Africa and Asia. 

OTTAWA, Canada – Victor Cheke has a desire to give discarded electronics to children who are not able to afford them. Every year, a large number of laptops, smart phones, gaming systems, and more are thrown away by those who desire the newest version. Many of these electronic devices still work or are in need of little repair. Cheke began the campaign, Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids, in order to raise funds and launch a charity. The campaign has a financial goal of $19,875, which will provide startup capital.

Those who are less fortunate do not mind owning used electronic devices. They would be happy with a refurbished version. Many children in Africa and Asia are unable to afford these new devices and technology is quickly passing them by. Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids seeks to create an opportunity in which these children can receive technological devices and catch up with other young generations in the first world. It will also serve children in North America, as the organization plans to donate to charities and schools in need. The organization seeks to promote quality education among all children regardless of race or financial situation.

Discarding electronic devices is wasteful and hazardous for the environment. The new charity seeks to create a chance for these devices to be restored and used for the good of children. It is known that many devices can leak toxins and chemicals when disposed. These byproducts can affect health, generating cancer and other health problems.

Contributions to the crowdfunding campaign serve a double purpose. They are used to serve the environment and underprivileged children. The monies raised through the project will go toward necessary equipment, logistics, and payments for service providers. The organization has a long term goal of raising $5,000,000 in order to sustain the charity for years to come.

Supporters of the project receive perks of varying degrees depending on their reward level. Many backers will receive a Canadian souvenir. Supporters at the highest level of $10,000 can receive an iPad, an Apple/Samsung Smart Phone, L’Oreal Cream, a muffler, a coffee cup, along with a thank you post card and Canadian souvenir. To support this new and necessary charity, visit .

About Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids:

Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids is a new charity founded by Victor Cheke. It is just starting to get off the ground and requires startup capital. The organization requires $19,875 in order to launch. Through the use of the crowdfunding website,, Refurbished Laptops for Poor Kids can begin. The organization’s aims are to protect the environment by reducing electronic waste and to help equalize education among children through the availability of electronics.

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