Bastet & Bee Invites Creatives to Think Big with a Distinctive Weekly Planner

Announcing a website launch for a different type of planner, which encourages closet creatives to focus, create and consider the big stuff.

PARIS  —  Bastet & Bee has created an adaptable, visual planner that helps entrepreneurs take care of business and focus on the big picture. The planner includes essential features, such as a yearly calendar and monthly calendars for appointments and deadlines, as well as added tools that help its users creatively determine goals throughout the year. The beginning of the planner prompts its owner to record the big picture and to jot down its importance. It is a place to which the writer can return in order to regain focus and recommit when times are tough. Calendars provide a linear tool that helps individuals be timely and productive while other pages provide a place for them to mind map, sketch, arrange, visualize, write, prioritize, and plan.

“We created Bastet & Bee to help closet creatives come out and play,” said Sakina Brik, co-founder of Bastet & Bee. “We envision the planner as a mind shift, which pushes through negative habits, behaviors, and conversations, and helps its user pursue the unthinkable. We invite others to join us by walking the talk: constantly being creative and delivering each time.”

Most individuals may set themselves up to fail because of lack of vision or system. Bastet & Bee was created to help encourage individuals to undergo a thought process for determining and reaching goals. Instead of taking its users on a linear, logical, and rigid scheduling journey, the new planner breaks down goals and builds up ideas. Individuals are able to take small, consistent actions in order to achieve their big, long-term goals. The result is a creative, fun, and flexible visual planning tool.

Bastet & Bee was created for millennials who are in transition from being creatives to becoming creators and need encouragement for achieving more in life. It invites people to make things happen. View more about the new creative planner at the company's new website: .

About Bastet & Bee:

Bastet & Bee was founded by an educator, Sakina, and a visual artist, Andrew, in Paris. The company's mascots are the Egyptian Goddess Bast and the bee. The Bast, a goddess, represents freedom of expression and courage, and the bee represents service, the right use of creative imagination and diligence. Bastet & Bee strives to seed a brand new mindset with its brand—one that enables people to commit to the work that matters to them the most while contributing to their community and the environment. Visit  to learn more. 



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