Design Team Seeks Crowdfunding Support for Its New Crash Resistant Drone

iMaze Toys debuts its new radio controlled gadget, Droneball, with a crowdfunding campaign.

CHESHIRE STOCKPORT, U.K.— Drones come in all sizes and price points, but no matter the price they all have one thing in common – they are hard to fly, and when they crash they crash hard. A small radio control gadget company, iMaze Toys, has made its mission to create a new drone design that is affordable, crash resistant, and easy to fly – even for a beginner. They company’s new creation, Droneball, has been 18 months in the making and is planning to launch via crowdfunding campaign at the end of October, 2016.

Droneball is different from other drones because it is enclosed in a ball-shaped outer cage, which allows the drone to travel through the air and roll on the ground in any direction. “Droneball can bounce and roll over any sort of obstacle,” said a member of the design team. “It can roll across ceilings and climb walls. We can’t wait to see the uses, tricks, and stunts people get up to with Droneball.”

Droneball also flies with a patent-pending stabilization system. This means that a person with no experience flying a drone can avoid the most common drone pilot pitfalls – crashing into objects or the ground. “Droneball’s main innovation is that it solves the complexed problem of avoiding crashing,” said a member of its design team. “It represents a reliable mechanical solution and has a huge variety of uses.”

In addition to the crash resistant outer cage and sensor assisted flying, Droneball is also equipped with a high definition 5 .8 ghz FPV camera that can pan up and down. The camera can take both MOV and JPG files and even has an option to add media storage with a Micro SD card.

Although Droneball is a market-ready product, its design team says it will continue to evolve the product and looks forward to the opinions of its crowdfunding supporters. “We have the experience, engineering, and market knowledge to keep improving this technology,” said a member of the Droneball design team. “We want our customers to be involved along the way with ideas and feedback on the product.”

Consumers and retailers alike will see the benefits of Droneball’s functional features and innovative design. Those who pre-order through the crowdfunding campaign will be the first to experience Droneball’s agility, fun, and ease of use.

About iMaze Toys Ltd.

iMaze Toys is a small company with an in-house team that designs, manufactures, and distributes a variety of radio controlled gadgets in the U.K. and around the world, including those that fly, roll, and float. For more information or to support the Droneball crowdfunding campaign, visit .

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