Introducing VideoGram: the First Personalized Video Greeting Card

VideoGram Worldwide, Ltd. has launched a Kickstarter and is offering a great price to its supporters.

LONDON, UK–The VideoGram goes many steps beyond popular musical greeting cards. It is the first customizable video greeting card with an integrated LCD screen, which can portray any video chosen by the customer.The London-based company has launched a Kickstarter to raise awareness of their premier greeting card and to push manufacturing. With a funding goal of £10,000 and a project end date of September 1, 2014, VideoGram Worldwide, Ltd. is offering a great deal on their innovative product.

Customers can upload any video from a phone, desktop, or other device for use in their tailor-made VideoGram. The company’s website offers online editing, which allows for the creation of unique videos that can be put in the card. Themes can be chosen or fashioned by the user and songs can be chosen or uploaded.

For those who want to send a video message that will be cherished for years, the VideoGram, which combines both the pleasures of card-giving and gift-giving into one, is a perfect solution.VideoGram invitations may also be created, providing a distinctive solicitation to important events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, or any occasion. Business brochures may be generated through the website, which will set apart a company from its competition.

Supporters of the crowdfunding project can create a specialized VideoGram for a pledge of just £18, which is a discount from the regular video greeting card price. For those yearning for a specialized invitation that is unlike any other for their event, the company is offering an order of 200 units with custom artwork and personalized videos for a pledge of £3,000. Free worldwide shipping is granted to all Kickstarter backers receiving VideoGram perks. To support the revolutionary product that closes the gap between the physical and digital world, visit

AboutVideoGram Worldwide, Ltd.:

VideoGram Worldwide, Ltd. is a specialized greeting card designer and manufacturer founded in 2012 by Karan Dewan. As an entrepreneur with experience in media and product development, Dewan decided to create his first greeting card product, the VideoGram, which combines both digital video and physical card into one. The interactive website assists customers in choosing card layouts and creating videos, which produce a matchless gift, invitation, or informational brochure. To view more about the London-based company, visit

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