Framfab Extraordinary General Meeting

Framfab Extraordinary General Meeting Stockholm, November 5, 1999 - SEK 40 million to be invested in Framfab Innovation AB - Framtidsfabriken AB offers warrants to employees - The board is authorised to issue new share in order to enable acquisitions SEK 40 million will be invested in the subsidiary company Framfab Innovation AB, with the aim of nurturing business ideas from Framfab - business ideas that lie outside the consulting business, coming from the company's employees, from Framfab's customers or from the market. A maximum of 5 % of the shares in Framfab Innovation will be offered directly to Framfab's employees. Framfabs employees are also offered warrants, with exception from the shareholders preferential right. The proposed new share issue can results in a maximum of 1 000 000 new shares, which translate into a maximum dilution of approximately 7 percent of the number of shares at full subscription with earlier warrant programs and new authorisation taken into account. The extraordinary general meeting also authorised the board, with exception from the shareholders preferential right, to issue a maximum of 1 500 000 new shares in order to enable additional acquisitions. For more information please contact: Jonas Birgersson, CEO, Framfab +46 46 286 33 03,, or Johan Haeggman, CFO, Framfab +46 8 545 258 00,, Framfab's business concept is to create new business for the network economy through strategic consulting and digital services. Framfab today has 590 employees divided among 18 offices located in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Linköping, London, Lund, Malmö, Paris, Stockholm and Västerås. Framfab is the general supplier of Internet services to Volvo Car Corporation, the Volvo Group, the National Power Administration, IKEA and Electrolux. Among our other clients are AstraZeneca, Ericsson, the SAAB Group, Tele Danmark and Unibank. Framfab is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange "O" list (ticker FTID). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: