Framfab In Strategic Telecom Partnership with Blu S.p.A - Expands Into Italy

Framfab In Strategic Telecom Partnership with Blu S.p.A - Expands Into Italy Stockholm February 15, 2000 In connection with this Framfab sets up its st 41 office, which will be located in Rome. Blu S.p.A is a new telecom operating company that will introduce a mobile telephony service in Italy in the spring of 2000. A vital part of Blu's market offering will be interactive services, both on the web and in the form of mobile Internet. Framfab will produce a range of mobile Internet services; spanning across corporate web presence, Free Internet Access and a mobile Internet portal, based on new software technology developed by Framfab, called Brikks. "This is a break-through, showing the market that Framfab has enough technical competence to make sucessful software products as well", says Jonas Birgersson, CEO Framfab. "The development of cutting-edge interactive mobile and Internet services is a strategic imperative for BLU, and is consistent with our strategy of establishing a customer focused and vision led mobile IP company from the outset. The strategic partnership is an important component of this strategy, as it will allow BLU to capitalise upon the considerable Internet knowledge and experience that Framfab brings from Sweden", says Enrico Casini, Chief Executive Officer, BLU "Getting into this partnership with Blu has been very exciting and this will be the starting point for our Italian operations. Initially most of our work will be carried out in Sweden, but long-term this account will be handled from the Framfab Rome office, which we will open this month", says Mikael Theander, Director of Client Development at Framfab. The Italian market has roughly 4-5 million Internet users, but as many as 30 millions mobile phone subscribers. Mobile Internet solutions will quickly "internetify" Italy in a way that traditional webservices will not be able to do. For more information please contact: Jonas Birgersson, CEO Framfab, +46 8 545 258 00, Ing. Enrico Casini, CEO Blu S.p.A, +39 68 521 64 28, Pietro Dore, Blu S.p.A, +39 348 671 37 70, Mikael Theander, Dir of Client Development Framfab, +46 709 41 23 27,, Ola Kallemur, Press Relations Manager Framfab, +46 8 545 258 21, +46 709 41 21 11,, Framfab's business concept is to create new business for the network economy through digital and interactive services. Framfab today has approximately 1 700 employees, divided among 41 offices in Borås, Cologne, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Halden, Linköping, London, Lund, Malmö, Oslo, Palo Alto, Paris, Rome (from February 2000), Skövde, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Uppsala and Västerås. Among our clients are 3M, AstraZeneca, AXA, Electrolux, Ericsson, France Telecom, IKEA, International Red Cross, SAAB Group, Tele Danmark, Vattenfall, Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Group. Framfab is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange "O" list (ticker FTID). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: