LBI agency Framfab Denmark wins gold in London

For the 6th year in a row, the LBI agency Framfab Denmark won gold at the London International Advertising Awards, when the agency brought home an award in the category Sports Websites yesterday evening.

This year the LBI agency Framfab had five short listings in three categories, however, it was the world’s longest user-generated football video, The Chain, that took home the award. The film was created out of contributions from the users which were edited together. Consequently, The Chain is an exhibition of football tricks from all corners of the world, where one user passes the ball to the next. The Chain was created for Nike.

There was another nomination for the LBI agency Framfab in the same category for Nike Rockstar Workout SOL. Moreover, Framfab was nominated in the category Online Film for The Chain and R10 Crossbar.

Last but not least, Framfab’s new Corporate Visual Identity ”It’s always personal” was nominated in the design category Corporate Identity.

See The Chain:,en,0;chainmix


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