Report from Lifco’s Annual General Meeting 2015

Lifco’s Annual General Meeting took place on May 6, 2015, in Stockholm. The Annual General Meeting, led by Chairman of the Board Carl Bennet, decided to:

  • adopt the annual accounts for 2014

  • discharge the members of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer from liability for the financial year 2014

  • according to the proposal in the summons, distribute a dividend of SEK 2.60 per share for 2014 and that the record date for distribution will be May 8, 2015,

  • for the financial year 2015 grant, according to the proposal in the summons, the Board a remuneration of a total of SEK 5,100,000 to be divided among the members including reimbursement for committee work,

  • appoint, according to the proposal in the summons, the following members to the Board until the next Annual General Meeting is held in 2016:

    Carl Bennet (re-election)

Gabriel Danielsson (re-election)

Ulrika Dellby (new election)
Erik Gabrielson (re-election)

Ulf Grunander (new election)

Fredrik Karlsson (re-election)

Johan Stern (re-election)

Axel Wachtmeister (re-election)

  • appoint, according to the proposal in the summons, Carl Bennet as Chairman of the Board,

  • approve the proposal given in the summons to re-elect the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers as auditor of the company,

  • the nomination committee until the next Annual General Meeting will be formed and perform the duties according to the proposal in the summons,

  • adopt the proposal for the remuneration of senior officers made by the Board in the summons and,

  • adopt the proposal to divest the subsidiary NETdental GmbH made by the Board in the summons.

In his speech the CEO Fredrik Karlsson reported on Lifco’s global operations, developments in the business areas and the latest acquisitions. He also described Lifco’s philosophy for value creation. The philosophy means that Lifco has a long-term perspective on corporate development, that good profitability is a prerequisite for sustainable growth and that subsidiaries have a high degree of independence. Lifco has also established clear criteria as regards acquired companies. They are, amongst other things, to be stable operations, leading within their own niche and must show documented profitability. During the first quarter, Lifco executed four acquisitions within all of the three business areas. The CEO also described how Lifco has worked further with its financing during the first quarter. During the quarter, Lifco issued a bond loan for the first time. The unsecured bond loans               generated a great deal of interest from investors and the transaction of in total 1,050 MSEK took place on April 1.

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting will be available on the company website as soon as they have been verified.

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The Board of Directors

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Fredrik Karlsson


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About Lifco

Lifco acquires and develops market-leading niched operations with the potential to deliver sustainable profit growth and strong cash flows. The Group has three business areas: Dental, Demolition & Tools and Systems Solutions. Lifco has a clear corporate philosophy which implies a long-term perspective, focus on profits and a highly decentralized organization. Lifco has more than 100 companies in 28 countries. In 2014, the Group’s net sales amounted to SEK 6.8 billion and the EBITA margin was 14.2%. For more information, visit

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Lifco offers a safe haven for small and medium-sized businesses. Lifco’s business concept is to acquire and develop market-leading niche businesses with the potential to deliver sustainable earnings growth and robust cash flows. Lifco is guided by a clear philosophy implying that the company has a long-term view on its holdings, a focus on profitability and a strongly decentralised organisation. The Group has three business areas: Dental, Demolition & Tools and Systems Solutions. At the end of 2017 the Lifco Group consisted of 138 operating companies in 29 countries. In 2017 Lifco reported EBITA of SEK 1,732 million on net sales of SEK 10.0 billion. The EBITA margin was 17.3 per cent. For more information, visit


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