CaLignum wood at the Bo01 housing exhibition

CaLignum wood at the Bo01 housing exhibition At the Bo01 housing exhibition in Malmö several construction companies have chosen to use Lign Multiwood's products. Floors, stairs and beading in CaLignum wood have been installed in "Trähus 2001" and in one of Sweden's contributions to the European Village - Ekonologia. The European Village allows European countries to display their traditions, architecture, technology and building materials in various buildings. The European Village will remain after the exhibition closes in September this year and will then become a residential area. In one of the Swedish contributions, Ekonologia, construction company Midroc has chosen to install beading, stairs and flooring with a wear layer of CaLignum alder. "The Ekonologia house brings together economy and ecology, for example by using hardwearing ecological materials with long maintenance intervals," says Magnus Skiöld, project manager at Midroc. "As we were keen to try new products with new properties, CaLignum wood fits in well with the Ekonologia concept." Skanska is the construction company behind Trähus 2001, four multi- storey buildings in wood comprising 32 apartments. These, too, will become permanent housing after the end of the exhibition. The idea was to promote wood as a building material and a decorative material. Skanska chose CaLignum wood for several areas of use - floors, stairs and beading. "The CaLignum technology opens up new areas of use for wood," says Hans- Erik Johansson of Skanska and project manager for Trähus 2001. "Stone used to be the preferred choice for stairs, with vinyl floors as a poor substitute. Using CaLignum technology, wood can be made hardwearing enough to be used for public floors." Bo01's theme is sustainability from various points of view - ecological, social, technological and human. The exhibition brings together construction companies, associations, companies, organisations and consumers to discuss the way people will live in the city of the future. At least 500,000 people are expected to visit the exhibition before it closes in September this year, including participants in Swedish and international wood processing conferences. "As far as Lign Multiwood and our CaLignum products are concerned, the exhibition is a showcase for the wood processing industry," says Karl- Axel Barkentin, marketing manager at Lign Multiwood. "And the timing is perfect. With flooring and stair suppliers for Ekonologia and Trähus 2001 using CaLignum wood, the exhibition is a springboard for our coming commercialisation." CaLignum® was invented in 1993 by Lennart Castwall and Curt Lindhe. Lign Multiwood's business idea is to use its patented CaLignum process to develop, produce and sell isostatically compressed wood for construction and furnishings, and thereby to offer customers and consumers products of superior quality, attractiveness and cost efficiency. The Lign Multiwood head office is located at Söderbärke in the Dalarna region of Sweden. The company currently has 16 employees. For more information, contact: Curt Lindhe, MD Lign Multiwood, phone +46 (0)708-84 56 06 Karl-Axel Barkentin, Marketing Manager Lign Multiwood, phone +46 (0)42- 34 92 30 CaLignum product Material Manufacturer/Partner Wear layer for multi-CaLignum alder Flooring layer floor in manufactured and Ekonologia supplied by WOW Flooring AB, Bräcke, Sweden Wear layer for CaLignum alder Stairs manufactured stairs in Ekonologia and supplied by SSC Trätrappor, Norsjö, Sweden Beading for CaLignum alder Beading manufactured Ekonologia and supplied in partnership with Gapro i Grimslöv AB Wear layer for multi-CaLignum spruce and Flooring layer floor in CaLignum birch manufactured and Trähus 2001 supplied by WOW Flooring AB, Bräcke, Sweden Wear layer for CaLignum birch Stairs manufactured stairs in Trähus and supplied by SSC 2001 Trätrappor, Norsjö, Sweden Beading for Trähus CaLignum birch Beading manufactured 2001 and supplied in partnership with Gapro i Grimslöv AB Postal address Telephone Telefax E-mailOrg.No Lign Multiwood AB +46 240 65 01 20 +46 240 65 02 40 556527-0658 Sörängsvägen 10 SE-777 60 SÖDERBÄRKE Sweden ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: