The Core gym bag is the hottest fitness gift of 2010

Live Well 360 is revolutionizing the fitness industry with it’s new anti-duffel bag

SANTA MONICA 10.10.2010 – The Core bag (, Live Well 360’s new stylish and functional gym bag is making big waves throughout the fitness industry, as it continues to be the hot topic ( among popular health and fitness sites like,, and to name a few. says the Core bag is “cute, roomy, and loaded with pockets,” and celebrity trainer Valerie Waters calls the Core her ”new favorite workout bag” and “unbelievable for so many little details, not only is it the right size, but it’s fashionable and super convenient.” G.I. Joe actress Rachel Nichols also enthusiastically declared, “The Core bag is the best! Everyone should buy one!”

Other fans are so thrilled with the Core bag that they are using it for far more than just their gym bag; it has become their go-to bag. One happy customer recently said, “The Core bag is like my personal assistant at the gym and in life. I can't start my day without it!”

Many are saying that the Core bag is the hot, buzz-worthy gift this holiday season, perfect for the fitness enthusiast who is searching for more than the standard boring and inefficient duffel bag.

About Live Well 360

Born out of a desire to bring style and function to the world of fitness bags, Live Well 360, a Santa Monica-based company, was founded in 2008 by Sheila and Ryan Viers, who on their journey toward health and fitness, found themselves searching for a fitness bag solution that offered the unique intersection of style combined with intuitive design. Enter the Live Well 360 Core, the Anti-Duffel Bag.

With its fusion of inspired form and intuitive function, the Live Well 360 Core anticipates the active individual’s every need and serves as a “core” component of his/her exercise plan. By utilizing durable high-end materials like ballistic nylon, satin nickel hardware, and seatbelt style shoulder strap webbing, a signature eye-popping, inspirational interior liner, and clever organizational details, Live Well 360 far exceeds expectations by providing a gym bag solution that is both style conscious and practical.

“We designed a line of fitness bags to satisfy what we have always been searching for, but could never find,” says Live Well 360 President, Sheila Viers. “We know what it’s like to have a fitness bag that you use on a daily basis, but never quite measures up. The Core bag is the opposite of that.”

The company will release further color options for the Core, as well as other fitness bag styles early next year. For more details on the Core, visit

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