Alex Thomson British record breaking Vendée Globe round-the-world yachtsmen

Alex Thomson British record breaking Vendée Globe round-the-world yachtsmen keeps broadcasters and fans abreast of adrenaline-fuelled news using Livewire Digital’s M-Link Media Delivery Solution

The Vendée Globe is the only single handed, non-stop round the world yacht race. The race takes place every 4 years - it started in Les Sables d'Olonne 12 November 2012 and finishes at the same location in France. Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) broke the British record coming in 3rd in 80 days and Mike Golding (Gamaesa) finished 6th in 88 days. Other competitors are currently making their way to the finish line.

The two British skipper’s yachts were equipped with M-Link Media systems from Livewire Digital Ltd and Inmarsat FB250 terminals. This combination gave them access to a variety of workflows to enable them to tell their dramatic stories while sailing solo in some of the world’s most dangerous oceans.

Live interviews could be conducted with any of over fifty mainstream broadcasters worldwide who have M-Link receive servers. Two-way interviews could also be conducted from the yacht to any standard corporate video conferencing system, via Livewire Digital’s M-Link Bridge service.

File based, or store & forward video was delivered to shore using Livewire Digital’s M‑Link Newscaster application, to an M-Link receiver installed at the Vendée Globe H/Q in Paris. This was set up so that received video files were automatically added to the producer’s content management system at race HQ with automatic alerts.

Mike Golding conducted live interviews with Meridian TV in Southampton and with the BBC World Service. Mike also conducted a 2-way video conference with an audience of sailing fans on the Musto stand at the London International Boat Show. Alex Thomson conducted live interviews with BBC Breakfast and CNN and also carried out several webcasts using the M-Link Bridge service with members of Alex Thomson Racing putting questions from race fans to him from Livewire’s UK offices.

Alex Thomson said: "The simplicity and flexibility of the video workflow solution from Livewire Digital has allowed me to engage with fans and race followers on a new level; I have carried out live webcasts, answering questions from my Facebook and Twitter followers, as well as live interviews with major broadcasters, both at home and globally. The flexibility of Livewire's hosting solutions has enabled me to expand my reach to new media outlets as well as engage with everyone who has been following me throughout this race."

About M-Link – Livewire Digital's M-Link newsgathering systems are trusted by major broadcasters across the globe. They offer high quality, low latency solutions for delivery of video and audio over any IP circuit e.g. Inmarsat BGAN. The M-Link software compresses video and manages the file transfer over the satellite.

About Livewire Digital Ltd - is a leading provider of live and store & forward video solutions for Mac and Windows platforms and has in-depth knowledge in satellite communications such as Inmarsat. Livewire also offers bespoke hardware and software solutions and a range of HD cameras designed for extreme sports.

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