Contact Group showcases school-home communications solutions used at schools

Contact Group showcases school-home communications solutions used at schools including Barnston Primary School at 2013 Wirral Council Primary School Leaders Conference & Exhibition

Parental communication is top of the agenda at Wirral Council Primary School Leaders Conference and Exhibition where Contact Group is showcasing its Call Parents messaging system, used by local schools such as Barnston Primary School.

Held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool, senior leaders, including Head Teachers and Deputy Heads from 90 Primary Schools in the Wirral area will discuss areas of improvement in Primary Schools in Wirral such as systems that will improve communications with parents and opportunities for cost savings. Contributing to the agenda, Contact Group will showcase its communications and reporting solution, Call Parents, for schools and local authorities. The highly successful communications solution includes ‘Text a Letter’ functionality, enabling schools to text letters to parents instead of having to print and post them, resulting in significant cost savings for schools.

In addition to standard news and updates for parents, it is important for schools to be able to contact parents in urgent situations such as a school closure due to adverse weather conditions. Stephen Clarke, Managing Director, Contact Group, comments: “With the recent severe weather conditions in Britain, it’s particularly important that schools have a reliable communications system to keep parents informed about school closures. Our Call Parents automated notification system has played a major role in reducing inconvenience caused by school closures by informing parents quickly about the latest situation.”

The event is organised in association with the Education Quality team of Wirral Council. Michael Cladingbowl, Ofsted’s Director for Schools, will deliver a keynote address on the first day.

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About Text Someone:

Text Someone is an innovative service which empowers pupils to report incidents of bullying, theft, crime or any unwanted behaviour in the utmost of confidence, 24 hours a day, seven days a week via text message, email or voice message. Text Someone helps schools and local authorities proactively engage with their students and stamp out behaviour associated with bullying.

Schools within a local authority are allocated a mobile phone number, local rate phone number and access to the secure Text Someone website. These can then be promoted in school via posters and ‘Text Someone Cards’ provided to pupils

Text Someone immediately alerts staff by email or text each time a pupil sends a message, providing schools and local authorities with a simple, powerful reporting tool to identify all students at risk and enable intervention before problems impact negatively and affect their learning.

Helping to efficiently and effectively identify students at greatest risk, Text Someone enables teachers to view all messages reported by pupils, reply to messages and record intervention strategies put in place.