MediaCore: Now Available through RM Unify

UK schools will soon be able to purchase MediaCore’s multimedia learning service through RM Unify, the Launch Pad to the Cloud that enables access to all your apps and services with a single sign-on. MediaCore’s multimedia learning platform is the fastest way for anyone at any institution to easily capture, manage and share video securely and privately with the right audience.

BETT Award ICT finalist, MediaCore, will be available through the RM Unify App Library. This exciting development will allow schools to purchase the MediaCore multimedia learning platform alongside other best-of-breed apps and services available through RM Unify. The availability of MediaCore in this way allows local authorities, academies, and individual schools to share digital media privately, enabling students to learn on their own terms, at their own pace, from home or the classroom, on any device. Studies show that students engage more deeply with lesson content delivered through video, and will take learning beyond the classroom to share with parents and the community.

Available now, the MediaCore platform includes everything you need to create a media library for students: free Capture apps for iPhone and iPad for recording, uploading and sharing video directly from your device, browser-based video uploading from Windows and Mac PCs, an easy-to-use Media Library for hosting multimedia and related content, plus free Educator accounts and advice from our Educators-in-Residence to help teachers get started.

The platform is cloud-based and designed to scale up, freeing IT administrators from concerns over reliability and scalability, as well as accessibility from non-school locations. Students for example, may review a video at home to prepare for a chemistry experiment, giving them more time to spend on the actual experiment in class the next day. It makes the teacher more productive as well, saving them from explaining the same thing over and over.

Teachers’ attitudes towards video is changing at a rapid pace. According to the American Public Broadcasting system’s (PBS) annual surveys, the percentage of teachers finding value in media and technology has increased every year since 2007, with 42 percent in 2010 believing video directly increases student achievement. This is based on of the improved engagement, retention and collaboration around video content by students. In addition, video allows students to learn at their own pace, watching a video as often as needed to absorb information.

In addition to the student benefits, teachers themselves benefit by becoming more productive. Students who miss a class can catch up more easily with video, saving the teacher from having to re-deliver the material for one individual. And video can amplify great teaching, with teachers being able to leverage each others’ work to get the perfect explanation or delivery of a difficult concept.

“For those teachers incorporating video into their classrooms, it is essential that they are removed from any complexity – that is just works,” says Simon Trevers, Product and Commercial Manager for RM Education, adding “MediaCore offers a truly engaging learning and collaboration experience to learners and staff alike, enhanced further by its accessibility from RM Unify.”

“We are committed to providing a quality partnership with schools and a level of engagement and service that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Stuart Bowness, MediaCore founder and CEO, adding “MediaCore is very pleased to be available through RM Unify. RM is a leader in enabling schools to fully leverage technology without the complexity. Students will benefit by having access to engaging curriculum content on their school’s MediaCore library site from within and beyond the classroom on their preferred device.”

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