Quentin Vicens, Research & Teaching Consultant: to join Turning Technologies Distinguished Educator Programme

Turning Technologies, the global leader in the response technology industry, announced the appointment of Quentin Vicens, Research & Teaching Consultant to the company’s Distinguished Educator Programme.

The Turning Technologies Distinguished Educator Programme is comprised of a select group of individuals from across the world, exceptional not only in their field of instruction, but also particularly innovative in their use of interactive response technology. The Programme was created with the intent to improve learning environments through establishing a community comprised of outstanding users that build relationships with other educators.

For over 15 years, Quentin has worked in mainstream academic environments throughout France, Denmark and the United States. In that time, he collaborated with institutions in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. In 2010, Quentin began leading professional development activities for educators promoting student-centered teaching practices and research-based use of student response technology.

In this new role, Quentin will continue such efforts with the company’s growing community of users. Distinguished Educator focus areas include:

  • Systemic pedagogical uses of response technology
  • Effective authoring of purposeful response content
  • Ways to use response systems to differentiate instruction and training
  • Integrating response technology into existing curriculum, technologies and programs

Quentin, who joins the Programme as the first Distinguished Educator to focus specifically on the regions of France and Denmark, will sit alongside world-renowned educators such as Dr. Eric Mazur, Harvard Professor and creator of the highly successful Peer Instruction method of teaching, as well as other higher education professionals from across the world.

Commenting on his appointment, Quentin said, “I have been happily using clickers from Turning Technologies for a few years, as well as promoting their use among faculty, and even helping to organize a Turning Technologies User Conference in Denmark. So I am completely thrilled to have been appointed as a Distinguished Educator with Turning Technologies, a status that will help me spread the wind of change in education at even more universities.”

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