Tute launches One2Many online tutoring service – driving down the cost to just £5 per pupil per session

Tute, the 24/7 learning support specialist, has launched a One2Many live tutoring service that is set to drive down costs to just £5 per pupil per session.  The brainchild of Founder Sean Gardner and Teacher, Wayne Harrison, the new service is specifically targeted at schools keen to make the most of their Pupil Premium Fund and to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their peers.

Quoting from The Sutton Report1, Sean Gardner, said, “Tutoring delivers a potential attainment gain of 5 months across English and Maths and was identified as one of the top 5 effective options when deploying the Pupil Premium.  To date tutoring has been viewed as a high cost option but this has now changed forever with the launch of One2Many which takes the best of one-to-one learning, and through advanced technology enables a one-to-many solution without the loss of the individual learning experience.

“In so doing, it has fundamentally changed the economics of the tutoring model: quality, measurable teaching is delivered for 80% less cost. Indeed, Tute can deliver online teaching for as little £5 per child, and sometimes less.”

Building on a series of highly successful online Maths, English and Science trials run in schools across the North East by Wayne Harrison, the new service is set to radically change the landscape in the emerging online sector. Already recognised as a proven teaching solution, the arrival of the One2Many proposition provides schools with a low risk option in deploying the Pupil Premium.

Delivered by UK qualified teachers who have been given specific training in online tutoring, the package includes pre and post baseline testing so that schools can demonstrate improvement in student performance resulting from the course. “Schools need to deploy effective strategies to improve results whilst retaining a keen eye on costs.  This model is proven to deliver – a year of practical experience has shown us the way forward”, Wayne commented.

A full half term of weekly lessons, delivered by UK qualified teachers, trained specifically in online teaching and experienced in teaching in the classroom will cost around £30 per student.

It is news that has been eagerly received by schools across the UK, many of whom have already signed up to participate in the company’s Summer Term Programmes.

Seaham School of Technology and Dene Community School in County Durham are just two of the many schools whose pupils will benefit from Tute’s Key Stage 3 English and Maths programme during the second half of the summer term.

Commenting on the programme, Mr Doneghan, Deputy Head Teacher, Seaham School of Technology said, “We are keen to provide our pupils with the extra support required to help them to realise their full potential.  Our students really enjoy working online, they find it engaging – it is a medium with which they are very comfortable. By opting for Tute’s One2Many service we are able to maximise the benefits of our Pupil Premium Fund.”

For further information on Tute contact www.tute.com or call on 0844 870 7651.

Tutors Direct Ltd, MyLife House, Holyoake Road, Walkden, Manchester, M28 3DL

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