SAVING money and discovering new experiences became a lot easier in Birmingham recently after daily deals site, LivingSocial, opened a second locality in the area.

The premium social commerce site has been operating in the area since November 2010; offering West Midland shoppers the opportunity to take advantage of savings between 50 and 90 per cent off local experiences, services and products.

LivingSocial has worked with national brands such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco and HMV, and previous deals have included rally driving days, murder mystery weekends, and luxury getaways.

Further dedication to local commerce and a testament to shoppers spending more where they live, are just a few reasons for LivingSocial’s expansion in Birmingham said Peter Briffet, Managing Director of LivingSocial UK and Ireland.

“We are helping to open people’s eyes to a world of experiences that are available right on their doorstep -- whether it is paintball or pedicures -- in a city the size of Birmingham there is something to surprise and delight everyone.”

One local business that has worked with LivingSocial is Take Flight Aviation.

The flying club offers members unrivalled facilities, and has been growing steadily since being established in 1985, said Mike Roberts, Managing Director at Take Flight Aviation.

“Our industry is extremely competitive and our margins are tight.  By working in partnership with LivingSocial, a price barrier is removed and our services are exposed to far more people than we could reach through an advert.

“In the current tough economic climate, businesses need to be prepared to do as much as possible to promote themselves and be better than everyone else -- and LivingSocial has helped Take Flight Aviation do just that.

The flight club, which also offers its members the opportunity to lease planes, has gained more than 500 customers from running deals with social commerce website.

‘Birmingham South’ will work alongside the original ‘Birmingham’ category on the LivingSocial website.  To view the various deals on offer or for more information, visit and sign up -- Membership is free.

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For more information, or to arrange an interview with our Managing Director, Peter Briffett, please contact Richard Wilson, PR Executive, on 020 7421 2804.



LivingSocial helps people around the world find, share and enjoy great local deals and new experiences.  Through daily deal e-mails and alerts, LivingSocial introduces members to handpicked local businesses, products or services each day at savings of 50 per cent or more.  With a range of products for different interests, like Families, LivingSocial helps delight members with the perfect deal for them. 

Other services include LivingSocial Escapes, which features easy ‘holidays in a box’ to leading destinations, and LivingSocial Instant, which helps members discover real-time discounts at nearby restaurants, stores and businesses.  LivingSocial works with each merchant partner to create customised marketing solutions that attract and retain loyal, long-term customers.  Based in Washington, D.C., LivingSocial has more than 60 million members in over 20 countries worldwide.


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