Council’s Home Improvement Scheme gives homeowners a much-needed lifeline!

A 60 year old pensioner in Brighton has received much-needed financial assistance to help her make essential repairs and improvements to her home, thanks to the Home Trust Loan scheme run by South Coast Moneyline in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council.

Mrs Ford’s home was in desperate need of urgent repair as both the conservatory and utility room were leaking and collapsing, but the £25,000 cost of repair and rebuilding was way beyond what she could afford. After enquiring about high street lending and equity release schemes, Mrs Ford approached Brighton & Hove City Council to find out what benefits they could offer to help her improve her home. “They introduced me to the Home Trust Loan scheme,” said Mrs Ford, “including details about how I could receive help choosing a contractor and how the works would be inspected after completion.” Mrs Ford found that the Home Trust Loan was “the only truly affordable option.” “The council and the staff at South Coast Moneyline were very helpful and efficient,” Mrs Ford said. “I make sure I do my ‘homework’ and know what’s what. They didn’t treat me like an idiot because of my age or gender, like so many financial institutions do. They were respectful, friendly and left me to make a decision in my own time.” The Home Trust Loan is designed for homeowners whose property needs essential repairs, improvement or adaption, but who do not have the funds available to carry out the work. The loan carries a fixed, low interest rate and repayments are calculated individually to suit each applicant’s budget. Emma Larby, Home Loan Officer for Brighton and East Sussex, said: “The scheme has come at a time when many Local Authorities have had to cut back on some of the financial assistance they are able to provide to their residents. This scheme ensures that homes within their areas continue to be maintained and that the homeowners are able to afford the repairs.” South Coast Moneyline works in partnership with 15 local authorities across the South. For more information, or to find out if your local authority is part of the scheme, visit or contact your local authority. -Ends- Word Count: 368