murphx and The Broadband Computer Company Help Bridge Digital Divide

01 October 09 murphx and The Broadband Computer Company Help Bridge Digital Divide Leading wholesale connectivity carrier, murphx Innovative Solutions has won a deal with The Broadband Computer Company to help to demystify the internet for over 55s in the UK. During the next couple of weeks, Tyneside-based The Broadband Computer Company plans to soft-launch its first product, alex, aimed at helping silver surfers become more internet savvy. Using a monthly rental laptop, equipped with murphx broadband connectivity provided in a deal estimated to be worth £5m over the first three years, users would be able to get online via the easy access solution. The Broadband Computer Company has already secured £2.2 million from the VC North Star Equity Investors and business angels to help it to develop hardware and software. Andy Hudson Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Broadband Computer Company said: “Our initial target audience is some 4.2 million over 55s in this country who deep-down would like to use a computer, the internet, send emails and manage their photographs. Currently they have fears, are confused or both and are constantly reminded that they are excluded by messages such as ‘find out more on the web’, ‘send us an email with your thoughts’, on Radio, TV and the press. The Broadband Computer Company has created alex to help users take the necessary steps to join their friends and family in doing what so many of us now take for granted." Carl Churchill, murphx Director, added: “The Broadband Computer Company’s philosophy fits well with our own. We wanted to be proactive with our input to help bridge the digital divide and it’s not just about internet connectivity. It’s about educating people at grass roots level and we are very excited to be involved with that.” Mr Hudson explained that there were a number of reasons for choosing murphx: “They understood the need for simplicity in the offering. The large part of the over 55 digitally disenfranchised are confused by computers. We at The Broadband Computer Company have made that bit simple. Any engagement with the normal ISP process will show that getting broadband is a complex issue – there are too many offers, all different depending where you are in the UK. And have you tried to set up a router? murphx made it simple with a pre-configured router which is as near to plug and play as you can get. “Also their courteous attention to detail in our dealings with them augured well as to what their general attitude to customers was likely to be. They did absolutely everything they said they would do and when they would do it – which is as rare as hen’s teeth these days.” And the step will enable expansion-hungry murphx to explore new market opportunities: “The DSL market is quite mature and this new venture also gives us the option to move into green markets and embrace new possibilities,” stated Mr Churchill. The deal is another feather in the cap for the ISP of the Year which, earlier this month, was named 18th in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100, a promotion of 27 places from last year’s 45th spot. Mr Churchill added: “These are very exciting times for us at murphx and our dedication to providing the most resilient and reliable service is paying off. We want to help more and more companies realise their true potential by fully-utilising our highly creative and technologically advanced product portfolio.” -ENDS- Word count: Jpeg: 555 Notes to Editors: Please be aware that murphx is always spelt with a lower case “m” and The Broadband Computer Co Brand alex similarly with a lower case “a”. About murphx murphx Innovative Solutions Limited are a Tier 1 connectivity solutions company providing a range of services including wholesale broadband and dialup, virtual private networks, leased lines and IP transit to the resale channel. The company operates as an “enabler” providing the operational infrastructure used by our customers to embrace convergent technologies such as voice over IP and video conferencing. murphx was formed in 2001. Since that time the company has built a national network and firmly established the business as a pioneer of innovative communications services with a consistent record of strong earnings growth. The reliable and resilient infrastructure is the underlying strength of the murphx business. The ability to manage and control the entire network point to point ensures guaranteed service levels and dependability for customers, this, coupled with leading edge technology and a highly skilled team ensures murphx are firmly positioned as one of the few “real” European internet service providers. The success of murphx is not just the result of an advanced network or unique portfolio of products and services but also an ongoing commitment to customer requirements. For years organisations have been forced to adopt solutions that were a near match to their requirements, this “next best” scenario is no more. For more information, please contact Debbie Osborne at Logical Creative Marketing: Switchboard 0845 345 6969