New Product Launch at Convergence Summit South

October 09 New Product Launch at Convergence Summit South murphx launches LLU Annex M ISP of the year, murphx Innovative Solutions will launch the latest addition to their already extensive connectivity portfolio, LLU Annex M at Convergence Summit South 13 - 14 October at Sandown Park in Surrey. The products extend the capabilities of standard ADSL2+ services and reinforce murphx’s position as the aggregator of choice within the Wholesale Channel. By amending the split of the downstream and upstream frequencies using LLU Annex M, it is now possible to obtain rate-adaptive speeds of up to 16Mbps downstream and up to 2.5Mbps upstream*. murphx LLU Annex M services are available to more than 55% of the UK’s business population and are perfectly positioned as a replacement for legacy ISDN and SDSL services and solutions requiring bandwidth for convergent applications such as Voice over IP and Video conferencing. There are a number of factors which determine the potential for improved service on an Annex M product, the main one of these being the end user’s distance from their local telephone exchange. As a general rule, if a customer is less than 2km away from their exchange and/or the customer can achieve speeds of 12Mb or more, then Annex M will provide improved performance. murphx Commercial Director Carl Churchill says: “LLU Annex M allows the supplier to offer unique benefits to customers needing bandwidth for convergent applications. The Annex M range of services include ADSL with an upload of 2.5mbit as well as the SDSL (M) variant with un-contended symmetric services of 512Kb, 1Mb and 2Mb. We can provide technical sales engineering support to identify opportunities in our partners customer base and work together to build solutions that are fit for purpose in every sense.” The Annex M product range will be available via murphx’s proprietary Provisioning and Management platform, XPSv2 and are the latest technology addition from the channel’s leading connectivity solutions provider. *Performance is dependant on the quality of the copper pairs utilised and the distance from the supplying telephone exchange. Word count: 252 Notes to Editors: Please be aware that murphx is always spelt with a lower case “m”. About murphx murphx Innovative Solutions Limited are a Tier 1 connectivity solutions company providing a range of services including wholesale broadband and dialup, virtual private networks, leased lines and IP transit to the resale channel. The company operates as an “enabler” providing the operational infrastructure used by our customers to embrace convergent technologies such as voice over IP and video conferencing. murphx was formed in 2001. Since that time the company has built a national network and firmly established the business as a pioneer of innovative communications services with a consistent record of strong earnings growth. The reliable and resilient infrastructure is the underlying strength of the murphx business. The ability to manage and control the entire network point to point ensures guaranteed service levels and dependability for customers, this, coupled with leading edge technology and a highly skilled team ensures murphx are firmly positioned as one of the few “real” European internet service providers. The success of murphx is not just the result of an advanced network or unique portfolio of products and services but also an ongoing commitment to customer requirements. For years organisations have been forced to adopt solutions that were a near match to their requirements, this “next best” scenario is no more. For more information, please contact Debbie Osborne at Logical Creative Marketing: Switchboard 0845 345 6969