Up-and-coming trouser brand Tom Cridland runs as Kickstarter’s ‘Featured Project in Fashion’

Tom Cridland, the up-and-coming trouser brand for men, has achieved ‘Featured Project in Fashion’ status on Kickstarter worldwide just four days after launching its crowdfunding project. The company has also already reached nearly 30% of its funding target.

Tom Cridland is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from London who started and developed the brand with a tiny government loan. Tom Cridland handcrafts designer quality trousers for men, delivered without retailer mark-ups, at a wholesale price point. They are sold direct to the consumer but will soon also be available through Wolf & Badger (www.wolfandbadger.com), both at its London boutique and online.

Key features:

- Made out of 100% luxury cotton

- An ergonomically tested cut, which is slim fit but comfortable and functional (with no elastane or polyester diluting the fabric quality)

- Bold, beautiful colours paired with individual logos (unique shades of classic beiges and navy, as well as brighter colours such as pink and orange)

“By selling direct to the consumer in this manner, clothing brands like mine don’t need to resort to mass produced goods. As a result, we are returning to a bygone era where clothing made with exquisite care doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.”

Tom Cridland, Founder & Director of Tom Cridland Independent Menswear

Tom Cridland trousers already has a distinguished and famous following, including Frankie Valli (Musician & Actor), Nigel Olsson, John Mahon & Matt Bissonette (Elton John Band).

Hi res images available on request

Contact Tom Cridland on 07843 050652 or at tc@tomcridland.co.uk

Tom Cridland on Kickstarter:



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