M&L Healthcare Solutions launches PMI scheme for doctors

Newly formed specialist healthcare intermediary M&L Healthcare Solutions has launched an exclusive scheme for private medical insurance (PMI) solely for doctors and medical professionals.

The Cambridge based adviser firm has teamed up with Exeter Family Friendly, the specialist mutual healthcare and protection insurer, to launch a PMI policy doctors can trust, including a range of benefits and exclusive discounts of up to 30%.

Commenting on the launch, Senior Partner at M&L Simon Lively said:

“Doctors and those within the medical arena already recognise and understand the importance of PMI, so it was vitally important to us to find an insurer that delivers quality cover; in announcing this scheme with Exeter Family Friendly, we’re confident we’ve done this.

“The simple, comprehensive cover offered includes unlimited cover for cancer, including palliative care and all clinically approved drugs, an extensive hospital list and a range of application options, under which many will be able to take on the same level of cover they had under a previous policy”.

Lively continues:

“Not only will this policy provide our customers with comprehensive, simple and quality cover; the range of application options will make it easy to switch from another insurer, without losing any cover. Not to mention potential discounts of up to 30%.”

The launch will be supported by an integrated mail and email campaign, pointing respondents to M&L and their team of specialist advisers.

Steve Maguire, Partner at M&L added:

“Both Simon and I bring years of experience in advising doctors and medical professionals on their PMI needs. We have built a team at M&L who really understand medical professionals and are able to tap into what they need and are looking for in an insurance plan.”

“We’re delighted to be working with a like minded organisation such as Exeter Family Friendly.”

To find out more, speak to an M&L adviser on 0800 145 5838 or email enquiries@mlhs.co.uk

Simon Lively

Tel: 01223 881779

Web: www.mlhs.co.uk/

Email:  simon.lively@mlhs.co.uk

M&L Healthcare Solutions is an independent medical insurance broker based in Cambridge and Windsor. The company aims to give its customers value for money and peace of mind. M&L Healthcare Solutions offers advice on private and business cover.