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Integrated Marketing Agency Uses Content Marketing to Educate Consumers

The world of marketing and advertising is ever-changing.  What was once a tried-and-true practic can quickly become irrelevent or ineffective.  With today's rapidly changing digital landscape, a print advertsiment or standard press release won't necessarily cut it.  Content is now king and that means marketers must develop materials that audiences can engage with and learn from, and that can also be tracked to measure their effectiveness.  

So what does this mean for brands and businesses?  It means taking a new approach to your marketing strategy and ensuring you have the team in place to execute against your goals.  Enter the world of content marketing.  If you have ever dowloaded an ebook or signed up for a tip sheet or checklist, then you have participated in a content marketing campaign.  The principle is simple: develop attractive, informative content that addresses a problem or concern of your target audience and offer meaningful, insightful solutions.  The challenge?  Developing and creating the content.  

This is why many companies and businesses outsource this marketing strategy to public relations agencies and marketing firms who specialize in communications and content marketing programs.  In fact, the world of traditional PR is quickly morphing to include content marketing, inbound and SEO principles to better service clients' long term goals and growth.  It's long been understood that PR can help businesses grow, but now content marketing allows for a measurable return on investment.  Add visual communications like social media video teasers and profile videos and you can have a winning campaign.    

When companies debate whether they should allocate funds to public relations vs. advertising, there is always the question of ROI.  Coupled with inbound strategies, a strong communications program can quickly turn marketing spends into marketing investments.  That's why M studio, an integrated marketing agency, with offices in Asbury Park, NJ and Los Angeles is using content marketing strategies to educate consumers on successful and valuable marketing programs.  With so much to choose from, the firm wants to create a dialogue with consumers to inform them on best practices and how to successfully implement marketing strategies that help growth their business.  

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A targeted PR strategy serves as a valuable extension of a company’s brand message. Using our customized approach to media outreach and community relations, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop and maintain a strong public image through various avenues, including traditional media outreach, social media strategies, informational seminars, and guest appearances. We have an extensive network of contacts and are well-versed at working with the media to gain maximum exposure for our clients.




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