M2 Successfully Launches SQM Glass Mastering System; Four Contracts Received for well Accepted Equipment

[Stockholm, Sweden, June 28, 2005.] M2 Engineering has successfully launched its new-generation SQM glass mastering system by immediately securing four contracts for its well accepted CD and DVD system, announced Martin Brown, Product Manager for Mastering at M2, a leading worldwide manufacturer of optical disc production equipment.

The four SQM systems will be installed in manufacturing plants in Europe, the United States and Asia, with one system already fully operational at Elsaesser, GmbH, in Horb, near Stuttgart, Germany. Elsaesser is a leading independent stamper-producing manufacturer. Synchronicity Mastering Services in Salt Lake City, Utah, an independent mastering service, has also ordered the SQM high output mastering system for its expansion plans in the United States. With the SQM, M2 can now supply complete manufacturing systems and equipment for the entire production process, from mastering to finished CD and DVD discs, as well as production of current and future generations of optical media. The SQM, together with the SQ200 and M2's own molding technology, makes M2 Engineering AB of Stockholm, Sweden, the total solutions provider of optical disc production. The SQM, a "new generation" of photo-resist glass mastering systems, combines the level of precision and sophistication of a high-end mastering system with the reliability of a high-output optical disc replication line. It has been designed specifically for the volume production of high quality CD and DVD masters. The system features many new innovations, including a completely new laser beam recorder concept that provides the level of precision required for consistent high quality mastering of the current CD and DVD formats and the next generation of high density optical media. For additional information and photos please contact: Martin Brown, Product Manager Mastering, M2 Phone: +31 413 490 708 or +31 622 779 706 Email: martin.brown@m2.nl For more information on M2: www.m2.se


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