Luton woman bowled over by successful hip operation

For many, winter is a time filled with the fun of the festive season and crisp winter walks, but for those suffering with osteoarthritis it can bring additional discomfort.

Jill Maynard is a bubbly 70-year-old woman who lives in Luton with her husband Bill.  She had a total hip replacement in July this year at Spire Harpenden Hospital under the care of consultant orthopaedic surgeon Brian Bradnock. 

Before her hip replacement Jill found the pain unbearable and said: “I could hardly walk, I was in so much pain. I used a stick and a frame, and getting up the stairs at home was horrendous.” 

Jill explains: “When we first met Mr Bradnock he showed us the X-ray of my hip on the screen.  There was no cartilage so he needed to replace it completely. In just one consultation he took X-rays of my hips and gave me a date for surgery. It was so slick.”

Jill spent five days at Spire Harpenden. “The whole team were absolutely wonderful, nothing was too much trouble. I couldn’t fault the place.”

Jill’s hip replacement has improved her life ‘dramatically explains her husband Bill. “It was so nice to see her when she wasn’t grimacing with every step.”

She can now stand straight and is back to her hobby of short mat bowling, which she had to stop while the pain in her hip was bad.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Brian Bradnock offers this advice for those with osteoarthritis this winter:

  • Be careful when walking on slippery surfaces at this time of year, as the reduced and slower movement in joints increases the risk of falls
  • Walk with a stick or two and wear shoes with good grip to prevent slipping
  • If you know you need a joint replacement, do exercises to strengthen muscles, such as swimming, beforehand as this speeds up the post op recovery
  • Remember short waiting times mean that consultations and surgery can be booked quickly and conveniently leaving patients free to enjoy the festive season with more independence and less pain

 For more information about orthopaedic services at Spire Harpenden Hospital please call 01582 763 191.


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“The whole team were absolutely wonderful, nothing was too much trouble.”
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Reduced and slower movement in joints increases the risk of falls
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Walk with a stick or two and wear shoes with good grip to prevent slipping
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