Mancx launches the first fully transactional knowledge market

MANCX PRESS RELEASE: 7 April, 2011, London

- Challenging the established and asymmetric knowledge market -

The first fully transactional knowledge market with both global payin/payout capabilities, and full anonymity offered for both companies and individuals, is being launched today by Mancx. is a market for personal knowledge where business professionals, freelancers and companies can meet openly or anonymously and trade information – ranging from simple questions to complex business information requests.

Mancx connects the inquirers with the respondents, and offers them a secure environment, as well as total anonymity if desired, in which to negotiate and conclude a deal, taking a 20% commission on every concluded transaction, quoted in US dollars.

In contrast to the multitude of online services where users can exchange knowledge for free, Mancx is the first knowledge market of its kind to enable exchange of information in return for money between its users, thereby guaranteeing a greater richness and quality to the information.

Henrik Dillman, CEO and co-founder of Mancx, a serial entrepreneur and management consultant explains: “US research from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in particular, clearly shows financial incentives provide both better quality and more reliable information in knowledge markets.”

“Finding specific information which might not be known by your own personal network is both difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are looking for knowledge in ‘the long tail’ where only a limited number of people know the answers. You cannot expect busy individuals and professionals to spend hours researching and answering other people’s business-related questions without reward. This is why Mancx fills such a crucial gap in the market, and we are very excited to be launching the service with the ability provide full anonymity to both the buyer and seller, and to payout money to individuals in 65 countries from day one, as this is normally a huge hurdle for any online market place to overcome”, he continues.

Mancx, based in Sweden, is funded by a number of private investors, including Per-Arne Nordlander, the Swedish angel investor with long-standing experience of investing successfully in high-tech companies.

Per-Arne Nordlander, investor and chairman of Mancx, comments: “When the founders of Mancx approached me, I instantly recognised Mancx as a must-have-tool for any small to medium-sized company conducting international business and entering new markets. I am actually surprised a concept like Mancx has taken such a long time to turn up.”

Mancx is currently in the process of negotiating a second round of funding, and has a patent pending for its solution to managing trade with information.



About Us

Mancx is a global network for trade with knowledge. Mancx offers a trusted, fully transactional, secure environment, with processing and marketing tools to buy and sell information, openly or anonymously. For information buyers, Mancx is the place to go to for answers to the business questions they face on a daily basis. For information sellers, Mancx offers a way to capitalize on accumulated knowledge by answering paid questions. For corporate partners with large member communities, Mancx offer a platform to facilitate trade with knowledge between their members. This includes APIs, billing solutions, support functions and access to a global knowledge market. Mancx is a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden. US office in San Francisco, CA.