Capital Market Day in Mandator - Mandator develops growth companies!

Capital Market Day in Mandator - Mandator develops growth companies! Mandator has yesterday, in connection to a Capital Market Day, vividly shown that our strategy is to develop the growth companies of the future within Mandator. The Popcorn model is now highly topical. Mandator Interactive - incorporation of world-leading know-how Today Mandator has a world-leading product family, which is a result of our development and strategy of simulation technology and interactive training. Many analyses state that education and training will be areas with very high growth. Interactive training is estimated to be the area that is expected to grow most rapidly on the Internet. st - "From January 1 , 2000, Mandator Interactive will be run as a legal entity of its own, a subsidiary within the Group", says Lars O. Pettersson, Chairman of the Board of Mandator and continues. "We will seek a global partner in order to speed up the expansion and help us with the capital need and share the risk in the forthcoming process. The board has decided to try to engage an international advisor for the purpose". Kazoo - trademark for Web- and Internet offers Mandator takes another step in order to make our strong position clear on the st WEB- and Internet project market. From October 1 our Web- and Internet competence will be marketed and profiled under the trademark Kazoo! The know- how of and the usage of this technology are already an integrated part in our offer within all our business areas. Today the business includes a total of more than 200 consultants. The purpose is to further market Mandator's ability of quickly creating new business- and competition advantages to our customers, with the assistance of deep strategy- and business know-how and high competence within modern Internet technology. - "It's important to further focus and market this competence in a clear way. Thus we give our customers possibility to reach business success rapidly through co-operation with an established supplier with long-term customer relations and existing good project references", says Niklas Flyborg, President of the Mandator Group. Anders Mellring, former Business Unit Manager of Groupware Technologies within Mandator, has been appointed Manager of the Kazoo. - "To us it's important to show the world that we are on the front edge within this exciting area, both technically as well as business wise. We see clear advantages in rapidly forming our offer in the Kazoo trademark and we are able to deliver, with great credibility, more and more complex projects that are demanded on the market", says Anders Mellring in his statement. Telecom - More Popcorn in the boiling pot Through expansion of our own and competence growth and by newly made acquisitions of Bivanti and Softsys, we are today able to offer a more complete offer. This includes WAP, Internet technology, residential gateway, mobile devices etc. With more than 135 employees focused within this highly interested and competence demanding area, we are already one of the leading suppliers in Sweden. Within Mandator we are convinced that we in the future will create even more Popcorn from the Telecom business of today. Mandator AB For further information, please contact: Niklas Flyborg, President of the Mandator Group, Tel +46-8-402 31 00, mobile +46-70-594 96 78 Lars O Pettersson, Chairman of the Board, Mandator Group, mobile +46-70-555 26 90 Anders Mellring, Manager of Kazoo, Tel +46-54- 14 25 25, mobile +46-703-24 25 25 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: