Mandator buys another IT company

MANDATOR BUYS ANOTHER IT COMPANY Mandator buys IT company A-Tind with 10 employees. A-Tind, which is located in Gothenburg, has Volvo Car Corporation as one of its biggest clients. Over a number of years, A-Tind has developed and been responsible for several central systems at Volvo. They deal mainly with production planning and product calculations. Production planning systems are needed because material and production control, have to function within a manufacturing process that is spread over a large part of the world. The product calculation system is needed to keep track of the costs of each vehicle produced. This has made A-Tind one of Volvo's most important partners on the IT side. A-Tind also develops new user interfaces. Communications between centrally located computers and local users may, for example, be facilitated via a web reader. At the moment, A-Tind is working on development of systems for providing a simple description of a complex product. This could, for example, make it possible for customers to assemble their own dream car. They could choose transmission, bodywork colour, leather steering wheel, radio, engine, and so on, to suit their own tastes. Customer choice could in future lead to ordering over the net, which would in turn control material supply for production. Mandator AB For more information, please contact: Niklas Flyborg, CEO, Mandator Tel.: +46 8-402 31 00, mobile +46 70-594 96 78, Kjell Nilson, Divisional Manager, Mandator AB Tel: +46 31 707 6950, mobile +46 705 625 400 Lars Wentzel, MD, A-Tind AB Tel: +46 31 45 37 40, mobile +46 705 45 18 06 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: