Mandator Interactive in Russian market break through

Mandator Interactive in Russian market break through Swedavia, a subsidiary company to the Swedish Board of Civil Aviation, has signed an agreement with Mandator Interactive of delivery of a radar simulator establishment (ATC-Simulator "Air Traffic Controller") to St Peters-burg, Russia. The delivery will be made during 1999 and the order is estimated to 0.5 million SEK with additional options of 3.0 million SEK. The ATC-Simulator will be used in educating of civil air traffic controllers in St Petersburg, Russia. This education also includes training to use and develop new procedures for approach and new structures in the aviation area. The delivery also includes a training library that permits an ICAO- certification of air traffic controllers. The delivery is built on Mandator's solution concept CATS, which is Mandator Interactive´s common software platform for simulators. CATS has met a very large international interest and been chosen as NATO's platform for development of training simulators to the peacekeeping forces within the frame for PfP (Partnership for Peace). - "The ATC-simulator will provide an efficient training with high quality and we hope that this considerably will contribute to increased flight security in the area.", says Sture Ericsson, project leader at Swedavia. - "This order is a great break through in the big Russian market for education of air traffic controllers", says Mikael Nolin, ATC-manager at Mandator Interactive. "We se a large increase in the area of civil aviation which will lead to a strong demand for education of air traffic controllers. Mandator has delivered ATC simulators (Air Traffic Controller) to Sweden, Portugal, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia and now Russia. Mandator AB For further information, please contact: Niklas Flyborg, President / President of the Mandator Group, Tel +46-8-402 31 00, mobile +46-70-594 96 78 Johan Skoglöf, President of the Mandator Interactive, Tel +46-8-528 000 90, mobile +46-708-91 82 49 or Mikael Nolin, ATC Manager, Tel +46-42-19 82 00, mobile +46-70-512 11 89. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: