Mandator ITS delivers CATS to Viking 99 -the world's first computer-assisted peace support exercise

Mandator ITS delivers CATS to Viking 99 -the world's first computer-assisted peace support exercise Mandator ITS (Interactive Simulation & Training) is to deliver CATS to the world's first computer-assisted peace support exercise. Viking 99 is a unique multinational computer-assisted peace support exercise for organizational staff and is to be implemented "in the spirit of Partnership for Peace ". Sweden is in charge of this exercise, which has been arranged by Sweden and the US together. Military units from 23 countries are taking part in the exercise along with 10 NGOs including Amnesty, the Red Cross and the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. The exercise began on November 23 and will end on December 2 1999. This exercise is run on Mandator's CATS TYR game engine and CATS Hugin software program. CATS TYR is a computer-based command training system that can be used for civilian as well as military command training. The purpose of the system is to enable simulated exercises and provide practice in decision-making and operations at the higher command level. In time, it will also be able to provide basic data for evaluation, planning and study operations. CATS Hugin is a computer-based exercise support system that can be used on its own or in combination with CATS TYR. Hugin provides the user with an easy- to.use tool for transferring maps. The system is built on a map tool and standard e-mail function. CATS has received a great deal of international attention and has been chosen as Nato's platform for the development of training simulators for the peacekeeping forces within the framework of Partnership for Peace. Mandator AB For more information, please contact Johan Skoglöf, CEO, Mandator ITS Tel: +46 8-528 026 01, mobile +46 708-91 82 49, Marina Liström, Chief Information Officer, Mandator ITS, Tel +46 8-528 026 08 Niklas Flyborg, President / President of the Mandator Group, Tel +46 8-402 31 00, mobile +46 70-594 96 78 This information is also available in English. Please contact Mandator: +46-8-402 31 00. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: