Mandator Kazoo to implement Ravema€s e-commerce processes

Mandator Kazoo to implement Ravema's e-commerce processes Mandator has signed an agreement with Ravema regarding the implementation of a new e-commerce process for Ravema's customers. Ravema, a leading supplier of machinery, equipment and service to Swedish and Norwegian manufacturing industries, is going to offer its customers an e- commerce solution based on all the opportunities that the Internet provides. Ravema's customers, located throughout the whole of Sweden and Norway, are both small, local companies and large, global corporations such as Volvo. In addition to the value added that this new business process will create for both Ravema and its customers, Ravema is pleased to be able offer its customers, via Mandator's implementation services, an IT partner that can ensure that their e-business will be up and running without delay. Ravema, Ravema's customers and Mandator will all clearly benefit in terms of value added. During the implementation period, Mandator will visit Ravema's customers and see to it that the new e-business routines are set up quickly and cost- effectively. This requires knowledge of internet and IT technology, familiarity with the customer's business operations and the ability to see the value added that can be created via e- commerce. "Implementing e-commerce functions for our customers is vital if our strategic drive is to prove successful with them and, in turn, for us," says Lars Ekström, CEO of Ravema AB. "The Ravema project is very interesting because is demonstrates, in many ways, how business processes can be developed today with the help of IT," says Lena Petersson, Marketing Manager, Mandator Central /North. "Mandator is now showing that we stand for new thinking in our line of business. By working with both our customers and our customers' customers, we are creating value added for all involved." The Ravema assignment is a nation-wide undertaking. Mandator will benefit in terms of added customer value, which will add new value aspects to IT projects that are directly related to the development of new business processes. Mandator AB For more information, please contact Lars Ekström, CEO Ravema Tel: +46 370-488 00, mobile +46 70-434 88 22 Lena Petersson, Marketing Manager, Mandator Middle/North Tel: +46 13-245320, mobile +46 708-110996 or Niklas Flyborg, President / President of the Mandator Group Tel +46 8-402 31 00, mobile +46 70-594 96 78 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: