Mandator to be new leading supplier to government authorities and departments

Mandator to be new leading supplier to government authorities and departments Mandator's strategic drive to become a leading supplier of superior IT services to government authorities and departments has been extremely successful. Over the last twelve months, the Mandator Group has seen its share of total sales to the public sector increase by 60% from 8% to 13%. The focus on the government sector has been supported by a newly established business unit based in Stockholm. To lay the foundation for continued expansion, a number of important general agreements have been signed in 1999. These agreements have strengthened Mandator's position as they limit the number of suppliers for the next few years. According to the authorities' own estimates, the general agreements for 2000 and 2001 are worth several hundred million Swedish kronor. . Mandator currently has a total of 12 general agreements with: These government authorities represent a large share of the public administration's IT-intensive authorities and many of them will soon be implementing significant IT changes. Furthermore, after the millennium shift, the number of large government projects is expected to increase as a result of the EMU, demands on modern workflow management, CRM, e-business and the state's financial management project (VESTA). The need to integrate existing base systems and new internet-based IT solutions gives Mandator the opportunity to provide internet and Web expertise in Kazoo projects and advanced systems integration, two of Mandator's recognized areas of expertise. "Our ability to integrate management consulting and internet and IT technology has made us successful and as a result, the number of undertakings for which we have total responsibility has increased significantly," says Richard Sandström, Business Area Manager for Mandator Government Authorities and Departments. "We have a number of key employees with extensive experience of government authorities and this, combined with our ability to meet our customers' needs quickly and flexibly, makes us an obvious choice." Mandator AB For more information, please contact Richard Sandström, Business Area Manager, Mandator Government Authorities and Departments, Tel: +46 8-402 31 43, Mobile +46 70-794 9696 Michael Ekman, Division Manager Stockholm Tel: +46 8-402 31 00, Mobile +46 70-534 3104 Niklas Flyborg, President / President of the Mandator Group Tel: +46 8-402 31 00, Mobile +46 70-594 96 78 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: