Resolutions passed at an EGM of Mandator AB

Resolutions passed at an EGM of Mandator AB At an Extraordinary General Meeting of Mandator AB held on November 19 1999, the Board approved the proposals contained in the notice to members * to amend § 4 of the Articles of Association, which now reads as follows: "Share capital shall amount to a minimum of SEK 75,000,000 and to a maximum of SEK 300,000,000." The aim of this amendment is to enable a faster response to possible corporate acquisitions or similar business opportunities when the need arises, and if the Board considers it appropriate, to request shareholders to participate in the financing through a new share issue; * to approve the Board's resolution regarding a new share issue in connection with the acquisition of the remaining 49% of shares in Mandator Interactive AB. The new share issue will increase the number of shares by 192,011 and the nominal capital value by SEK 384.022; * to issue so-called subscription options for a maximum of 1,500,000 new shares for key personnel and top executives in the Mandator Group. Mandator AB For more information, please contact Niklas Flyborg, President / President of the Mandator Group, Tel: +46 8 402 31 00, mobile +46 70-594 96 78, Lars O Pettersson, Chairman of the Board of Mandator AB Tel: +46 8-402 31 00, mobile +46 70-555 26 90 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: