About Us

About Manhattan Media: Manhattan Media is dedicated to New York’s neighborhoods. Our focused publications provide information about those matters that are of immediate concern and interest to people who live blocks, not worlds, apart. We provide businesses and institutions direct access to the individuals they serve, real customers and clients within arm's reach, in the neighborhood. Manhattan Media provides a link, the connection that facilitates interchange. AVENUE magazine covers Manhattan's affluent society, while New York Family reaches parents throughout Manhattan with the latest in parenting trends. The legendary Hamptons publication Dan’s Papers is the go-to for what’s what and who’s who on the East End. Our community newspapers include: Our Town Downtown, City Arts, Our Town, The West Side Spirit, Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider and our digital outlet, NYPress.com. City & State is published twice monthly and targets the politicians, lobbyists, unions, staffers and issues that shape New York City and state. For more information, visit www.manhattanmedia.com.