Innovative Thermal Insulation Product from Federal-Mogul Powertrain Extends Battery Life, Reduces OEM Warranty Costs

Protexx-Shield® 3007 protects lead-acid batteries from severe engine compartment temperatures through unique combination of partially recycled materials

Wiesbaden, Germany, 10 March 2015…Federal-Mogul Powertrain, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML), has developed a new product, Protexx-Shield® 3007, that protects batteries from high engine compartment temperatures that would otherwise shorten battery life. The unique combination of materials used in the construction of Protexx-Shield 3007 provides superior thermal insulation with high resistance to contamination by fluids, and uses a high proportion of recycled content, aligning with the company’s strategy of developing environmentally-friendly products for its customers. 

“There is a direct link between elevated temperatures and reduced battery life,” explained Jan Maiden, senior vice president, Sealing and Systems Protection, Federal-Mogul Powertrain. “By protecting the battery from extreme temperatures, such as heat soak when a vehicle stops after high speed use, we help our OEM customers reduce warranty issues and provide greater reliability for the consumer.”

There is correlation between battery life and elevated battery acid temperatures. As battery acid temperatures rise, the battery life is reduced. The longer the battery is subjected to heightened battery acid temperatures, the greater the damage that is inflicted onto the battery. In independent tests carried out by Federal-Mogul’s first series production customer for Protexx-Shield 3007, battery acid temperature climbed almost three times faster in an unprotected battery than in one surrounded by a Protexx-Shield jacket. In a 100° Celsius environment, an unshielded battery took just 55 minutes to reach 75° Celsius, but when shielded this improved to 153 minutes.

Protexx-Shield 3007’s insulating properties are provided by a pad formed from Federal-Mogul’s QuietShield® GRN which can be optimised for thickness, density and composition. This is encapsulated within a polymer-based scrim to provide a sealed outer surface, impervious to typical automotive fluids. The compound material is then formed into a structure and tailored for individual battery sizes to give optimum fit and insulation. A patent-pending integral hinge arrangement allows the shield to be shipped in a flat condition, saving space and freight cost, and simplifies installation around the battery.

Protexx-Shield 3007 also helps the industry to reduce its carbon footprint because the QuietShield constituent is produced from recycled cardboard packaging and other by-products normally discarded at a vehicle manufacturing plant, including shredded Asian cardboard that is usually a non-recyclable material.

Federal-Mogul has reduced the lead time for prototype samples by using an innovative, flexible manufacturing process that enables the production of battery covers without the use of hard tooling, according to Maiden. “We can accommodate changes to the design without incurring additional costs, and because they use the same tooling, the prototype samples are identical to production parts,” she said.

With the first application already in production on vehicles produced by a Japanese manufacturer for the North American market, Federal-Mogul has further series production launches scheduled this year. Because the material is so easy to optimise for each individual battery, it can be quickly applied to resolve issues in existing vehicles as well as all-new applications.

“Protexx-Shield 3007 is an example of an enabling technology from Federal-Mogul that helps our customers to produce greener, more competitive vehicles,” said Gian Maria Olivetti, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Federal-Mogul Powertrain. “In this case, by allowing the battery to be located in a high temperature environment without degrading its durability, we are supporting the trend towards more efficient packaging in crowded engine compartments, leading to more compact vehicles.”

About Federal-Mogul
Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML) is a leading global supplier of products and services to the world’s manufacturers and servicers of vehicles and equipment in the automotive, light, medium and heavy-duty commercial, marine, rail, aerospace, power generation and industrial markets. The company’s products and services enable improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and enhanced vehicle safety.

Federal-Mogul operates two independent business divisions, each with a chief executive officer reporting to Federal-Mogul's Board of Directors.

Federal-Mogul Powertrain designs and manufactures original equipment powertrain components and systems protection products for automotive, heavy-duty, industrial and transport applications.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts sells and distributes a broad portfolio of products through more than 20 of the world’s most recognized brands in the global vehicle aftermarket, while also serving original equipment vehicle manufacturers with products including braking, chassis, wipers and other vehicle components.  The company’s aftermarket brands include ANCO® wiper blades; Champion® spark plugs, wipers and filters; AE®, Fel-Pro®, FP Diesel®, Goetze®, Glyco®, Nüral®, Payen® and Sealed Power® engine products; MOOG® steering and suspension parts; and Ferodo® and Wagner® brake products.

Federal-Mogul was founded in Detroit in 1899. The company employs more than 45,000 people in 34 countries, and its worldwide headquarters is in Southfield, Michigan, United States. For more information, please visit


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