Millers Oils launches cost-effective solution to costly yet common problem for diesel cars

New ‘one-shot’ fuel additive can prevent expensive component failures

Brighouse, Yorkshire- A new Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner and Regenerator, by Millers Oils, is helping drivers preserve essential diesel components and avoid costly repairs. Blocked DPFs are often caused by lower exhaust temperatures, an effect of short journeys and Stop-Start technologies. The new fuel additive provides a ‘one shot’ solution to this common problem, which can lead to increased emissions, reduced fuel economy and expensive repair bills.

“Many drivers are unaware that their cars have a diesel particulate filter, until the dreaded warning light appears on the dashboard,” says Martyn Mann, Technical Director, Millers Oils. “Our new additive provides customers with a cost-effective solution to this common problem and helps prevent reoccurring blockages. If left untreated, a blocked DPF will need to be replaced, potentially costing the driver hundreds of pounds.”

DPFs, which were made mandatory for all new diesel cars by the introduction of Euro 5 in 2009, can be costly to replace. Short journeys don’t provide enough time for exhausts to reach the required temperature for DPF regeneration, this issue is exaggerated by the increased use of stop-start technologies. The new additive lowers the temperature of regeneration, helping to burn off trapped soot and clear the DPF of debris. Once the filter is clean, and optimum fuel economy and engine performance are restored, the additive continues to work, preventing future blockages.

The expansion of Millers Oils’ automotive lubricants and additives has been enhanced by its £500,000 R&D centre which opened in late 2012. The facility has enabled the oil producer to continue developing innovative services and products that provide the cost-effective solutions that drivers are looking for.

 About Millers Oils
Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then the company has displayed a talent for innovation and industry firsts.  It was the first to offer diesel specific engine oil for cars and continues to push boundaries to earn its place as a world leader in the technology of low friction.  In January 2012, Millers Oils launched nanotechnology engine oils.  When tested against a competitor’s oil of the same viscosity, Nanodrive recorded 40% lower friction at operating temperatures of 110°C, with significantly improved film strength.  Millers Oils uses the expertise gained in motorsport and performance car development to ensure it remains a leader in automotive and commercial vehicle oils Millers Oils devotes an equivalent R&D effort to its broad range of industrial lubricants, most recently into hydraulic oil subjected to spot operating temperatures of +130 C in systems fitted with nitrogen accumulators used in offshore drilling operations. The resulting Millers Oils product is now in international use.

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