New Audi R8 V10 uses MagneRide Suspension

Supercar uses latest BWI technology to provide uncompromised on-road comfort with pin-sharp on-track control

The all-new Audi R8 V10 coupe, is fitted with the advanced magnetic adaptive damping system, MagneRide, from BWI Group. MagneRide dampers are optional equipment on both the 540PS R8 V10 and 610PS R8 V10 plus models, capable of 200 and 205mph respectively.

The R8’s drive select feature integrates MagneRide into the four different driving modes (comfort, auto, individual and dynamic) that tailor the throttle response, steering weight, gear change, ESC threshold, torque split and suspension stiffness using a button on the steering wheel. More importantly, the dampers self-adjust 1000 times per second to provide the optimum control and response, whatever the driving conditions.

“Supercars like the new Audi R8 V10 set benchmark standards for road holding and body control when driving briskly but must also deliver acceptable ride comfort during more relaxed driving, which leads to a compromise when using conventional dampers,” said BWI’s Manager, Technology and Business Development, Olivier Raynauld. “MagneRide eliminates the compromise by continually optimising the damping for the conditions, moment by moment, providing precise body control for responsive handling and managing the tyre loads for best use of the available grip, while providing a comfortable everyday ride.”

BWI is the world’s only producer of magnetically controlled suspension systems. The technology is based on Magneto Rheological (MR) damper fluid which contains tiny iron particles that can be quickly but temporarily magnetised by energising electrical coils in the damper piston.

When the current is off, the particles are randomly dispersed and the damper is in its softest setting. Applying a current magnetises the particles, which then attract each other, in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field, increasing the resistance to flow and stiffening the damping. The result is an ability to vary the damping force almost instantaneously over a wide range, just by varying the current applied.

In the latest generation, twin-wire dual-coil (TWDC) system the previous single electrical coil in each damper has been replaced by two smaller coils, providing quicker ‘current-off’ performance, to give a faster transient response. The new dual-coil architecture also contributes to providing an extended dynamic range (a ‘softer soft’ and a ‘harder hard’), to cope with the extremes of trackday driving without compromising the ride during normal use.

“MagneRide offers many advantages over passive damping because it can vary the damping force over a wide range in real-time, improving the control of heave, pitch and roll to maintain vehicle stability, steering response and directional control,” said Raynauld. “On the track this allows the enthusiastic driver to have more fun and set quicker lap times; on the road, it delivers greater comfort and safety.”

BWI Group
BWI Group is the strong and well-funded company that acquired the business of Delphi Chassis Systems on November 1st2009. The product portfolio is split into two complementary groups: ride & handling technologies and braking technologies. In both areas, the offering ranges from high value items such as twin-tube dampers and brake system components, through to highly sophisticated active systems and the expertise required to integrate them with premium vehicle programmes. BWI Group’s engineering philosophy can be summarised as ‘innovation with design simplicity’: a strategy that is clearly demonstrated in world-class technologies such as electronically controlled braking and stability systems, the MagneRide controlled damping system and the award-winning MR Powertrain Mount.

The substantial product portfolio is supported by technical centres in North America, China, Japan, France and Poland and by applications support centres in Australia, Germany, India, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, complemented by hot weather and cold weather test centres in North America

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