JULIAN ZIGERLI AW15 Collection 'POINT FINGERS AND CALL NAMES' looks at the red carpet aesthetic revisiting its fancy details and colours. Taking a new perspective on luxury, Julian Zigerli has designed a collection that revisits the concept of glamour in unexpected ways.

The collection’s set of enchanting prints are derived from the photographic works of artists Rico & Michael. The imagery features blown up details of car interiors, handy surfaces and naked flesh, all dunked in Ferrari-red, bronze-metallic and leather-black paints. The photography not only brings a strong visual impression, but also adds a sense of movement and dimension to the clothing, defining the way the garments are cut. Associated with a sporty, comfortable yet modern and fashionable lifestyle, JULIAN ZIGERLI reaches a new level this season. Some would say: “it shines like a metallic cadillac, driving through a rainy city in the break of dawn...”

Born and raised in Switzerland, Julian Zigerli graduated from the Berlin University of Arts in 2010 before returning to his roots in Zurich to launch his eponymous label. He is among the officially listed brands showing at Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Having won several awards he has also presented his collections in cities around the world, such as: Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Seoul. JULIAN ZIGERLI stands for practical, smart and technically first class pieces. Love, colour, humour and positivity are always involved in his designs. In 2015, he also launched his second line called 'ALL TIME FAVORITE' a diffusion line with a non seasonal approach.

Rico Scagliola and Michael Meier create 'Portraits of Manners and Mores' by assimilative exploration of various groups in society and their own visual awareness. The result of this would be a contemporary overview on different crucial milieus’ lifestyles of today’s society. Their artistic approach is not the one of a distanced authorship. The personal world of images in which the portrayed people move is part of, or even absorbed, in their artistic view as an adequate element.

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