About Us

About Mecenat We successfully help companies across the board – from world-leading brand names to local traders – to market their student discounts. Many of them are companies which don't normally give discounts on their ranges, but which give discounts to students via Mecenat. This is an effective way of reaching a large but clearly defined target group during their studies, a period when they're young, inquisitive and decide on their preferences. These often turn into habits which they retain well into their professional lives. Technical development has been a priority over the years. We make sure that we communicate with students and can segment people with precision so as to ensure that the right people receive the messages our customers wish to transmit. We operate at the cutting edge of technology in order to meet the demand for new ways to communicate; methods which students are quick to adopt. The success of the Mecenat app and our mobile website are proof of this. Mecenat is a trusted provider who's with them all the way along the line, from the time they start upper secondary school until they graduate from university or college. We focus on students, and that makes them happy. And if students are happy, they'll be pleased to do business with you. We're sending out 1.3 million Mecenat cards in the 2015/2016 academic year, and last year we arranged student discounts on products and services worth more than 1.3 billion SEK. We've also had a presence in Denmark since 2013, and has launched in Norway and Finland at the beginning of 2014.