MagnaShade® Offers a Big Solution with a Narrow Profile

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y.—MagnaShade is a revolutionary shade system that is super-wide and motorized. It does the work of multiple shade bands, covering an area of up to 800 square feet (74 square meters) without light gaps. But unlike conventional wide shades, MagnaShade also features a narrow profile. 

MagnaShade’s modular design includes a unique cradle element that adds rigid support to the shade tube without increasing its diameter. This means the overall size of the system is astonishingly small.

This design reduces installation hassles, adds security, and, by making an economical use of architectural space, is more accommodating of the design intent.


  • Shading or blackout at widths of up to 40 ft. (12m).
  • Narrow, curved profile of about 6 in. (15cm).
  • No tube deflection.
  • Better support of the architectural-design intent.
  • Easier to bring into buildings and install than conventional wide shades.
  • Standard wiring.
  • Available with a wide range of shadecloths.


About Us

Founded in 1969, MechoSystems is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative window-covering systems for the architectural and design communities.



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You can go big and stay slim, courtesy of @MechoSystems' #MagnaShade. You're welcome.
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@MechoSystems' #MagnaShade is a Best of @NeoCon award-winner. Two years and counting.
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