Prominent dentist to join MediTeam Board

Prominent dentist to join MediTeam Board Sverker Toreskog, one of Sweden's best known dentists with an international reputation, is to join the board of directors of MediTeam. "I have chosen to join MediTeam's board because I see this as a good way of helping to bring about a much needed change in dental care," says Toreskog. MediTeam's annual general meeting elected Sverker Toreskog to the Board on 24 April. This is the first time that the leading dentist, who has played a central role in the development of odontology for many years, has accepted the offer of a directorship. He has decided to do so now because he believes that he will be able to make an even greater contribution towards developing a style of dental care that is more patient-oriented and more geared towards the preservation of dental tissue. "I have always sought to adopt a preservative approach in my clinical work, in the interests of ensuring that teeth survive for longer. In the past, the methods we have used have not always been designed to limit the risks to teeth. When a tooth is repaired using a drill, it is difficult to avoid removing healthy tissue and exposing the tooth to trauma which, in the long term, can cause damage. Carisolv allows the dentist to do far less drilling and thus to reduce the risks of consequential damage. The fact that my patients find visiting the dentist a far more positive experience as the treatment is usually painless is an added bonus," says Sverker Toreskog. He is aware that it will be some time before the transition to a more preservative style of dental care can be completed. The whole concept of preservation means that the treatment takes a little longer, and dentists are used to drilling. "Changing the behaviour of a whole profession is not something that can be achieved overnight. Dentists have needed to use the drill for most of their clinical work. The next generation of dentists will have a different attitude", says Sverker Toreskog. He continues, "There are already lots of universities that teach dental students how to use Carisolv to cut down on the need for drilling. We will see major changes and Carisolv is a very good example of how a more preservative style of working can be adopted within dental care, but this is also being developed within other areas of the dental industry." "When parts of teeth that have been lost are replaced, there are now methods that allow the dentist to keep the removal of healthy tissue to a minimum. An extremely thin layer of porcelain material can be bonded to the tooth, providing excellent strength. "These new methods are so good that in the long term they will inevitably become routine procedures which are offered to all patients", concludes Toreskog. In 1999, Sverker Toreskog was awarded the Swedish Dentists' Association's merit medal, one of the association's top honours that is only awarded every three years. In 2000 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in odontology by the medical faculty of Gothenburg University. In addition to his clinical practice, Sverker Toreskog spends much of his time lecturing. For further information, please contact: Annette Ravenshorst Claes Holmberg Vice President Corporate President and CEO Communications Phone: +46 31-336 91 21 Phone: +46 31-336 91 01 Mobile: +46 709-72 62 86 Mobile: +46 708-25 45 47 annette.ravenshorst@mediteam. com Sverker Toreskog Phone +46-31- 18 11 90 MediTeam is a Swedish research-oriented dental company that markets new treatments world wide based on odontological research. It is currently developing and marketing Carisolvtm-a tissue-preserving method for the removal of caries with minimum trauma and pain for the patient. MediTeam Dental AB (publ). Göteborgsv. 74. SE-433 63 Sävedalen. Sweden. Phone: +46-31 336 91 00. Fax: +46-31 336 91 91. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: