Interim Report, 1 January – 30 September 2009

• Consolidated net sales were SEK 24.5 (31.9) m. • The loss after tax was SEK -93.0 (-102.4) m. • Earnings per share were SEK -4.46 (-4.91). • Cash flow from operating activities was SEK -104.8 (-30.4) m. • Liquid assets and short-term investments as of 30 September were SEK 176.1 (295.7) m. Third quarter in brief Several significant project events were reported in the quarter. The highlights can be summarized as follows: • FDA approved Lipsovir® with a competitive label for marketing and sales in the US. • At present, two phase IIb trials involving a total of 855 patients are ongoing on TMC435 against hepatitis C. The latter of these trials (C-206) started in September and involves 455 patients that previously did not respond to standard of care (SoC). • Medivir designated another candidate drug (CD), MIV-711 in its osteoporosis portfolio, thus enhancing its commercial opportunities. Ron Long CEO Huddinge, Sweden, 21 October 2009

About Us

Medivir develops innovative pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer. The company specializes within protease inhibitor research and nucleotide/nucleoside science.The research is conducted in all phases of pharmaceutical development, from idea to clinical phase III studies. The development work is conducted both in-house and through partnerships.Medivir is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List.


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