Medivir reinforces its development department

Assoc. Prof. Börje Darpö has today been appointed Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development with responsibility for the company’s clinical development projects. He will be a member of the Medivir management group.

Medivir currently has one project in phase III clinical trials (Lipsovir®), three projects in phase II and two in phase I. Two of these projects, MIV-710 and Lipsovir® are currently being pursued under Medivir direction, while collaborating partners are responsible for development of the others.

Börje Darpö is an MD with specialist qualifications in cardiology and internal medicine. He has had several leading positions within Pharmacia, Quintiles and Pfizer, and has most recently had the position of Head of Global Medicine and Vice President of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Medical Research. Börje Darpö has also been advisor to the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products (EMEA) and has represented the European industry within ICH, the coordinating body for authorities and industry in Japan, Europe and the USA.

“Börjes solid experience with international drug development makes him extremely valuable in the task of bringing Medivir’s most mature projects further towards new partnerships and marketing authorization”, says Medivir’s CEO Lars Adlersson.

“I am impressed at the potential in Medivir’s pharmaceutical project portfolio and look forward to contributing to moving them forward at the greatest possible speed”, says Börje Darpö.

Medivir’s management group consists of Lars Adlersson (CEO), Per Baumann (VP, Business Control), Börje Darpö (VP, Pharmaceutical Development), Rein Piir (CFO & VP, Investor Relations), Bertil Samuelsson (VP, Discovery Research), Tom Schlossman (General Counsel) and Paul Wallace (VP, Business Development)

Rein Piir, CFO & VP, Investor Relations, Medivir AB +46 708 53 72 92

For more information about Medivir, please see the Medivir website:

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Medivir develops innovative pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer. The company specializes within protease inhibitor research and nucleotide/nucleoside science.The research is conducted in all phases of pharmaceutical development, from idea to clinical phase III studies. The development work is conducted both in-house and through partnerships.Medivir is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List.


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