Interim report January – September 2006

• Total revenues for the third quarter rose by 4.3 per cent to SEK 607.5 M (582.2) compared with the corresponding period in the preceding year. Total revenues for the period rose by 5.7 per cent to SEK 1,820.3 M (1,722.3).

• Gross margin for the operation increased in the third quarter to SEK 48.8 M (46.4) and for the period to 46.9 per cent (45.7).

• In the third quarter, EBIT increased by 50.5 per cent compared with the year earlier period to SEK 70.6 M (46.9). EBIT for the period totalled SEK 146.0 M (128.7).
EBIT margin for the third quarter increased to 11.6 per cent (8.1) and for the period to 8.0 (7.5) per cent.

• Non-operating costs totalling SEK 10.7 M (11.0) were charged against the third quarter. Adjusted for these costs, the EBIT margin was 13.4 per cent (9.9). The corresponding item for the period was SEK 41.2 M (11.8), which provided an adjusted margin of 10.3 per cent (8.2).

• Profit after tax in the third quarter amounted to SEK 46.1 M (27.4) and SEK 93.9 M (84.5) for the period.

• Earnings per share amounted to SEK 1.34 (0.76) in the third quarter and SEK 2.75 (2.47) for the period.

• Håkan Lundstedt has been appointed as the new President of Mekonomen AB and he will assume the position on 1 February 2007.

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Mekonomen group is the leading spare-part chains in the Nordic region and consists of three subgroups; Meca Scandinavia, Mekonomen Nordic and Sørensen og Balchen. We offer a broad and an easily accessible range of value-for-money and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies. Within Mekonomen Group operates the leading. Mekonomen Group has approximately 400 stores and over 2,300 workshops.


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