Mekonomen has signed a fleet contract with LKAB regarding delivery of spare parts

Mekonomen has signed an agreement about the supply of spare parts for LKAB's operations in Kiruna, Svappavaara, Malmberget and Luleå. LKAB's fleet consists of about 900 vehicles (cars and light trucks), most of which are used in mining.

Mekonomen´s fleet business is growing. Business services are attractive to companies that want to simplify the handling of their vehicle fleet.

"LKAB is one of the oldest industrial companies and has for more than a century been an important cog in the Swedish export industry. At Mekonomen, we are extremely proud to have been chosen as the supplier of spare parts for LKAB's vehicle fleet. Our strength in product range and efficient logistics enable us, together, to simplify the management of LKAB's vehicle fleet and live up to LKAB's expectations”, says Håkan Hedberg, Managing Director of Mekonomen Sweden

"Mekonomen's high-quality spare parts and supply reliability are two important factors in the choice of supplier. Our vehicle fleet is used heavily and require ongoing maintenance without compromise in order not to jeopardize LKAB's current operations. We look forward to the cooperation which is a new approach to streamlining the management of our vehicles ", says Lars-Ola Särkimukka, Section Manager of LKAB.

For further information, please contact:

Håkan Hedberg, Managing Director of Mekonomen Sweden Telephone: +46 (0) 8-464 00 00 E-mail:

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