Mekonomen launches full-service concept Mekonomen Yehlove

The Mekonomen Yehlove workshop concept is being launched as part of Mekonomen’s format strategy. This expanded service offering will be the leading concept for Mekonomen’s workshops and set a new standard for customer service in the industry.

Mekonomen Yehlove will focus on complete solutions and maximum customer service. Car owners can look forward to a one-stop-shop experience, with everything for their car in the same place. The first Mekonomen Yehlove opened at Globen, outside Stockholm, in summer 2016. An additional 30 Yehlove facilities are planned to open by the end of 2017, mainly through the conversion of existing Mekonomen Service Centres.

“Mekonomen Yehlove will take our customer experience to the next level, and make it easier to see which of our facilities provide an expanded service offering. The full-service concept is mainly requested in metropolitan areas, which is also where we intend to establish Mekonomen Yehlove”, says Hanna Ekstrand, Chief Marketing Officer, Mekonomen Group

Mekonomen Yehlove workshops will always offer an affordable retail product range, interior and exterior cleaning, courtesy vehicles, windshield repairs and proximity to vehicle inspection facilities. The Scratch & Repair service will also be offered in metropolitan areas, which includes minor paintwork and the removal of dents caused by, for example, parking incidents.

“We make car life easier by driving innovation in our industry, and by developing tomorrow’s service offering for consumers and companies. Due to our leading format strategy, we will develop tomorrow’s workshops faster across the Mekonomen Service Centre chain”, says Marcus Larsson, Executive Vice President, Mekonomen Group

For further information, please contact:

Hanna Ekstrand, Chief Marketing Officer, Mekonomen Group
Tel: +46 8 464 00 00 E-mail:

Marcus Larsson, Vice President, Mekonomen Group
Tel: +46 8 464 00 00 E-mail:

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