Mekonomen's Nomination Committee

As LKQ Corporation is the largest shareholder in Mekonomen, after the purchase of Axel Johnson AB’s 26.5 percent of the total number of shares in Mekonomen, John S. Quinn, LKQ Corporation, has been appointed member of the Nomination Committee.

Caroline Berg, Axel Johnson AB Group, is leaving her position in the Nomination Committee, where she has also been Chairman.

The Nomination Committee prior to the 2017 Annual General Meeting therefore comprises John S. Quinn, representing LKQ Corporation, Jonathan Schönbäck representing Handelsbanken Fonder, Mats Gustafsson representing Lannebo Fonder and Arne Lööw representing the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund. John S. Quinn has, according to the guidelines, been appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee. Mekonomen Chairman, Kenneth Bengtsson, has been co-opted to the Nomination Committee.

For further information, please contact:

Per Hedblom, CFO Mekonomen AB, +46 (0)8-464 00 00

About Us

Mekonomen group is the leading spare-part chains in the Nordic region and consists of three subgroups; Meca Scandinavia, Mekonomen Nordic and Sørensen og Balchen. We offer a broad and an easily accessible range of value-for-money and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies. Within Mekonomen Group operates the leading. Mekonomen Group has approximately 400 stores and over 2,300 workshops.