Rules relating to new-car warranties mislead car owners

Two out of three car owners are unsure about whether the new car warranty applies to service at independent workshops. Such uncertainty could be unnecessarily costly for car owners who mistakenly choose a brand-dependent workshop instead of a more affordable alternative.

Mekonomen’s consumer survey has revealed that two out of three car owners are unsure about whether new car warranties apply to professional service at independent workshops. This uncertainty may mean that many owners could choose a more expensive workshop instead of a more affordable alternative. Car owners could make considerable savings by choosing an independent workshop that, just like a brand-dependent workshop, follows the specifications of car manufacturers, while the new car warranty remains valid.

“The freedom of competition benefits car owners and in the industry we need to be better at informing people about available options. Maintenance including service and repairs accounts for a large portion of the total cost of owning a car, and it pays to compare what is on offer,” says Magnus Johansson, President and CEO of Mekonomen Group

Car owners’ choices are based on EU free competition rules under which car manufacturers must provide independent workshops with the tools and specifications required for servicing and repairing cars. Vehicle manufacturers are also not permitted to include conditions in their warranties that cars must be serviced at brand-dependent workshops.

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Facts about Mekonomen Group’s workshops

    • New car warranty valid
    • Cars are serviced and repaired according to manufacturers’ requirements and specifications
    • Workshops have access to software updates and specialist tools provided by car manufacturers
    • Parts used in service and repairs are of the same quality as original parts – meaning that they are the same as those in a new car
    • Parts come from the same suppliers that supply the car manufacturers
    • Work performed is stamped/registered in the car’s service book
    • Affordability ensured with price guarantee for service and repairs

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