Birds Eye reduces packaging weight following wrap project

M-real Corporation Press release 15 September 2009 at 14:30

M-real Consumer Packaging has helped Birds Eye achieve significant savings in
packaging weight for its frozen food product range, following completion of a
project initiated in partnership with WRAP (Waste & Resources Action
Programme).  An important criterion of the project was that weight reduction
should be achieved without loss of stiffness and strength, vital for
maintaining efficiency on the packing line and to avoid carton collapse in
transit and distribution. 

Birds Eye's total board usage of 3,500 tonnes per annum in the UK decreased by
54 tonnes (1.5%) as a result of the trial, equivalent to CO2 savings of 135-210
tonnes.  M-real enabled this reduction following a rebuild at its Simpele Mill
in Finland, allowing it to achieve extremely high bulk and stiffness in its
upgraded Simcote board, and for its customers to realise improved yield over
alternative packaging grades. 

The WRAP report concludes: ”The work shows selection of the board grade and
weight is a balance between: 

-          Operational efficiency of the actual packaging line.  This is
particularly relevant when considering weight selection and hence board

-          Compression strength of the carton which must be sufficient to
prevent any carton collapse in transit and distribution; again the board weight
and stiffness have a direct effect on the compression strength.” 

Matthew Terry, Technical Service Manager M-real UK, says: “Birds Eye has
already optimised its raw materials prior to the trial and therefore dramatic
savings in tonnage were not expected.  But it did recognise the need to specify
board by stiffness as a key indicator of a board's runnability down the packing
line and through the rest of the supply chain.  Given that Birds Eye were
previously using one of the stiffest boards on the market - our old Simcote
grade - savings of 1.5% are an excellent achievement.” 

M-real invested 70 million euros in the rebuild at its Simpele Mill, including
the installation of two unique pieces of technology: a ValZone metal belt
calender and a Power Dry Plus air dryer.  New reeling and winding machinery was
introduced, helping to preserve the coated board's surface properties and bulk.
 The rebuild also simplified the whole boardmaking process, increasing
production capacity. 

At the same time, surface properties of the board were enhanced, leading to
improved printability, and increased control over the manufacturing process
resulted in greater consistency, further tightening M-real's industry-leading

“Other projects, outside of the WRAP forum, have also confirmed our new Simcote
grade can achieve greater savings compared to other FBBs, and even more when
substituted for a SBB or WLC,” adds Matthew Terry.  “As well as helping our
customers realise potential cost savings, there are environmental benefits at
all stages of the value chain and in a reduced amount of packaging to be
disposed of at the end of its life.” 

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