Dutch customer magazine association Smin and M-real have agreed on collaboration

Dutch customer magazine association Smin and M-real have agreed on collaboration

Press release 20.2.2006

The paper and board producer M-real and Smin, the Dutch customer magazine
association, have agreed on close collaboration. As collaboration partner to
Smin, M-real helps the association in areas of research and training, support
and participation in the Smin master class and workshops. Like Smin's printing
industry partners, Roto Smeets, Veronica Litho, Web Power and PlantijnCasparie,
M-real will support the trade association in further development of the
association's offering and support to the publishing industry. Research on the
effectiveness of print media and knowledge exchange is high on the
association's agenda. 

Patricia Dolman (Paper Consultant, M-real Benelux): "Together with our
customers we not only look closely at a better informed choice of paper but
also at logistical processes. On one hand this increases quality and on the
other it helps to save costs. Based on our own research (qualitative and
quantitative) on how consumers experience printed matter, we have an in-depth
understanding of the relationship between the readers' perception of a printed
magazine and his/hers opinion of the magazine as a brand. After all, creating
the targeted perception among consumers is a decisive factor for a magazine's
success. This has a high importance also in customer magazine business." 

Jan Loovens (Chairman, Smin): “M-real is already involved internationally with
publishing associations. We are happy that M-real has decided to become a
collaboration partner to Smin. M-real is known as a company that, by research
and practical examples, demonstrates the benefits of print as an effective
communication channel. In this, M-real will fulfil an important informative and
inspirational role within Smin.” 


Smin, established in Amsterdam, focuses on looking after the interests of its
members that have devising, developing and producing of customer relationship
media in the broadest sense of the word as the core of their business. The
association's aim is to enhance the image and improve the trust in customer
relationship media with its target groups. In addition, it provides effective
knowledge and enables the exchange of information among its members and third
parties. For more information: www.smin.nl 


M-real Corporation is a European paper and paperboard company providing premium
solutions for consumer packaging, communications and advertising end-uses.
Through its worldwide sales network, M-real serves its customers, mostly
publishers, printers, paper merchants, offices and well-known consumer product
companies and carton printers. 
M-real is headquartered in Finland and employs about 15,200 people. M-real is
listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Its turnover in 2005 was EUR 5.2

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