IBP ensures that Thinsulate™ is the ‘real thing' in China

IBP ensures that Thinsulate™ is the ‘real thing' in China

Press release 3.2.2006

With a database of over 200 proven security technologies developed for carton
packaging applications from which to draw upon, M-real Corporation's IBP
Packaging Services has successfully extended its expertise into the labelling
sector in helping 3M China resolve a major counterfeiting operation targeted at
its high profile insulated garment and accessories Thinsulate™ brand. 

Producing millions of different clothing items per annum under the Thinsulate™
label, 3M China was suffering a steady erosion of both sales and consumer
confidence in the brand's integrity as a result of lower-cost manufactured and
fraudulently packaged products flooding onto the market. 

IBP's solution was to replace the existing Thinsulate™ labelling with a
custom-made design based upon a covert optical watermark integrated within the
digital artwork prior to the label being printed; impossible for the
counterfeiters to replicate, but by using the appropriate checking equipment
correspondingly easy for the customer's in-house inspectors to distinguish
between the fake and the genuine article. 

The new label format comprises several layers for optimum security and can only
be authenticated by a secure lens key. Distribution of artwork and control of
printing plates all conform to tight security procedures implemented by IBP.
Adding only minimal extra cost to existing production, the entire project was
designed, tested and implemented within just twelve weeks. 

Having first audited and then totally secured the label print & production
supply chain, IBP increased production levels to millions of labels during 2005
and has eliminated the opportunity for further counterfeiting. The strategy has
led to a subsequent re-establishing of sales revenue in line with manufacturing

Established in 2001, IBP Packaging Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of
M-real Corporation. IBP China employs over 30 staff and has an annual turnover
of 12.6 million US dollars. 

For further information, please contact:
Hannu Hiekkaranta, Vice President, Consumer Packaging, IBP Packaging Services
Tel. +358 1046 95179, e-mail: hannu.hiekkaranta@m-real.com

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M-real is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Its turnover in 2004 was EUR
5.5 billion. 

IBP Packaging Services

IBP Packaging Services is a global packaging service provider with a mission to
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packaging, IBP services include packaging procurement, design, print
management, security and point of sales solutions. 

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